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  popaulina  |  8

If it's a college course it's possible OP hasn't been formally introduced to the professor until then. He should definitely speak up and explain now though.

By  Earl_KarmasBitch  |  28

Have you actually told the teacher about it? Cause if this was an ESL class, the teacher was right to mark you down if they were unaware that you actually have a disability which makes your pronunciation incorrect.

By  heyLaddieHey  |  18

In high school: Get a parent's note and present it to your teacher. If s/he doesn't change your grade, visit the principle and see if you can get a hold of a former speech therapist, if you have/had one.
In college: are you registered with your school's office of disabilities? If so, email/set an appointment to get advice. There's no reason you should be penalized for an impediment :)

By  MashaV  |  6

I've had a speech impediment for many years... I still struggle with it, and hated giving presentations in class, although I was never formally penalized for it, I know how much it can suck sometimes! Like others said, talk to the teacher in private, hopefully they are understanding and this will be quickly resolved. It's not fair you should lose pointd because of something beyond your control. I often wished in school that I had openly discussed it with a teacher in private before class, would have made my life so much easier......
Good luck op, hope they give you points back!