By mcadabax - 05/11/2011 11:06 - Canada

Today, during my friend's group's science project presentation, the teacher yelled at me, "Stop making stupid faces at the presenters!" I was smiling. FML
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crazykidd15 0

wow umm ur teachers a b*tch

perdix 29

Only some people can pull off that Mad Scientist look. If you don't look demented enough, it just comes off as stupid.


crazykidd15 0

wow umm ur teachers a b*tch

She woke up on the wrong side of bed.

flockz 19

someone shat in her cereal.

rallets 22

she got her panties in a bunch

Damn_Hippster 11

She is just jealous of your happiness.

iAmPaul 49

She's on her period.

McLovin30 2

Someone pissed in her coffee

Someone sneezed on her cat

Someone----C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!

That's unfortunate..... I had a good one too. Whatever il say it anyways, someone sh*t in her pillowcase.

She got off with the wrong hand...

That bel air is fuckin sick bro

Thanks man, I love it.

Wtf did u expected? She had an awful day , while you were smiling like life is awesome !

Somebody shat on her birthday cake.

Pedobear strikes again!

Uhh how is this relevant at all..?

OK dont hate but ive always wanted to say this. FIRST !!!

Nope, chuck testa

But you aren't first, you are third.

NotMuchLuck 0

Your first has been denied... Twice.

You might want to wait until you're actually first /thumb down

yeah sorry the thing takes a while to load and i got excited ok. its a bit like when your waching interenet porn and... never mind

6 Yeah im feeling pretty shitty right now

stevenJB 25

Someone pissed in his coffee

OP should.

xXxAPersonxXx 6

What if the teacher doesn't drink coffee?

crazychick1269 7

pissed in his cereal

Piss in his toilet? Ohh wait..

Pissed in his brain.

HetaliaFreak 10

Pissed in his eyes...

Pissed on the teacher :)

Pissed in his ass. Too far? Sorry I'm done.

slushpup9696 12

Piss in his piss. But don't cross streams; that makes it gay.

That sucks OP, I remember when my teacher screamed at me for smiling. I then got sent to the office which was dumb. But trust me I know how you feel.

Like totally ya, you dont know how I feel.

yourlifeisbetter_fml 0

Go cover your face with a bag... You distraction.

grouperslayer20 0

Ok Cody rhodes

10: Has anyone ever told you you look just like Sam Earle with darker hair? You really do.

yourlifeisbetter_fml 0

55- I've heard I look like a lot of people, but that's a new one.

I honestly thought it was him when I first saw your picture.

yourlifeisbetter_fml 0

I don't really think I do, but that's just my opinion.

Fair enough. I just think your faces are very similar.

perdix 29

Only some people can pull off that Mad Scientist look. If you don't look demented enough, it just comes off as stupid.

melonrind 8

Seems to me she was having a bad day and you were on the receiving end of her ass-ery ..... Brush it off and smile bigger :)

leogirl95 12

Well, you must have looked like a rapist or something if the teacher called attention to it!

leadman1989 15

Don't worry she's just worried that menopause will get at her rotting eggs before she can have any children