By FrOsTy25 - 13/04/2011 22:57

Today, I ran a red light in front of a cop and got pulled over. My friend thought it would be funny to throw a knife in my lap and scream "Help me officer, he has a knife!" FML
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His friend is clearly the biggest douchebag ever, and he also sounds hilarious.

How can you people be so blind? OP, you RAN A RED LIGHT. You apparently have no idea how serious that is. IMO you deserve jail. YDI

ImaWiseGuy 5

what do you mean "he thought it would be funny" because on my side that sounds pretty ******* funny......

44 it could just be a small pocket knife. Usually people just carry a knife around cause at times they may need it. Multitools are also a good example.

that sucks the damn red light cameras caught me 'running a red light' when turning right because I was going fast and the light was yellow then turned red as soon as I began to turn -__- now I owe them $75

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I think it would be funny if your friend walked home.

19, 20, 26, and 52 - It's only hilarious because you're not the poor guy who has to be curb stomped by a policeman who has no idea that it's your friend who needs to be stomped for being a complete asshole. FYL, OP.

nope if that happened to me I would still find it hilarious! :)

You suck -___- Jail for ONE red light? You're insane.

Today, I am in the hospital because my friend thought it would be funny to stab me with a knife I pranked him with when we were getting a ticket. FML.

^ Ha, hellllll yes. I'd kill him without the knife.

^ Ha, hellllll yes. I'd kill him without the knife.

is ur picture from YouTube? how to annoy people?

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^ you look like you know from experience

She totally sucked an officers pep dude 

Rude. She's gorgeous, she probably wouldn't need to.

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lol after sex cop says alright let's forget about the whole thing tht I pulled u over ok? (still has pants off out of car)

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Haha epic. But with my luck my m8s would do it to me

This sounds like a Gabriel Iglisias story lol. Sorry I butchered the name.

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I hope that you stopped being his friend or made that dumbass pay the ticket/fines

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Lmao, I would've stick it up his/her ass!

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That was my first thought, too! What a psycho friend.

You should have said "please hold officer" turned round and stabbed him.