By deadmedia - / Sunday 30 August 2009 00:39 / Canada
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  wi_party_boy  |  0

Sorry, but i have a pet peeve of people saying "fail". It just sounds a bit immature in my opinion. I have the same pet peeve when people reply with "true", for example.

  snzizle  |  0

no one gives a fuck, "wi_party_boy". what, do you want him to apologize for offending you by saying fail? should we all abstain from saying "true" or "fail" in your presence?

  snzizle  |  0

btw, I have a pet peeve for people who say "SECOND MOTHA FUCKA!!" as if this is the greatest accomplishment of their day and they need to swear at us all to make that point known

  TheDoge  |  0

True fail dat, lolz, omg pwned.

Actually, you're grammar is worth laughing at by itself. I'm presuming your friend didn't say "(you) wasn't as pretty..." as I'm guessing that none would want to lay with her, unless they too suffered from mental retardation. Watch where you put the quotation marks, dumb fail.

Secondly, Its freaking consistency. Jeez. I don't even think the dumb shits south of you in the US spell it that stupidly.
Damn, why don't you just go cry yourself to sleep, ugly.

  chowyuk  |  0

Wow The doge, fozziegirl owned you hard. You were being all grammar Nazi and fozziegirl was subtle with her corrections to you, which totally makes you look way more stupid than the op. I hope you crawl into a hole and never try to correct someones grammar again

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