By deadmedia - 30/08/2009 00:39 - Canada

Today, my best friend informed me that I could not be her maid of honour because I "wasn't as pretty as the other bridesmaids" and she wanted her wedding photos to have "consistency". FML
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what a total you really consider her your bestfriend?

kandi_shop_xoxo 0

I thought brides wanted their bride's maids to be ugly, so they could look prettier? haha


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Damn it how do these FMLs make it through the mods? this isnt even funny...

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karmaSUCKS321453 0

she forgot the "" around "best friend"

This sounds familar... That's probably what you're thinking of. Close, but not exactly,

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Sorry, but i have a pet peeve of people saying "fail". It just sounds a bit immature in my opinion. I have the same pet peeve when people reply with "true", for example.

no one gives a ****, "wi_party_boy". what, do you want him to apologize for offending you by saying fail? should we all abstain from saying "true" or "fail" in your presence?

btw, I have a pet peeve for people who say "SECOND MOTHA FUCKA!!" as if this is the greatest accomplishment of their day and they need to swear at us all to make that point known

mcsnelly 5

It's just so reassuring to know that there are so many people out there that are so quick to blame the victim... (Sarcasm, if there's anyone who couldn't tell)

Boob_fml 6

You bitching like a little girl is what's immature. Die please.

moonlight_daze 8

Well, I think ALL OF YOU are immature bickering whiners..

renaet 0


True fail dat, lolz, omg pwned. Actually, you're grammar is worth laughing at by itself. I'm presuming your friend didn't say "(you) wasn't as pretty..." as I'm guessing that none would want to lay with her, unless they too suffered from mental retardation. Watch where you put the quotation marks, dumb fail. Secondly, Its freaking consistency. Jeez. I don't even think the dumb ***** south of you in the US spell it that stupidly. Damn, why don't you just go cry yourself to sleep, ugly.

FozzieGirl 0

Would that be "your grammar" ? And, how about "it's freaking consistency" ? Attention to detail makes such a difference.

chowyuk 0

Wow The doge, fozziegirl owned you hard. You were being all grammar Nazi and fozziegirl was subtle with her corrections to you, which totally makes you look way more stupid than the op. I hope you crawl into a hole and never try to correct someones grammar again

wi_party_boy 0

Thanks chowyuk, but no need to narrate

Most Failing Comment Ever.

amayalives4music 1

It was a true fail :D. take that mothafucka. Right back at you.

what a total you really consider her your bestfriend?

What the hell does the difference between 'tu' and 'usted' have to do with anything?

i kind of lol'ed.

NaziZombie 0

thank you, i'm sure there was a reason why my comment got buried or whatever. GrammarNazi AWAYYYY!

Ummmmmmmmm. What? Who are you talking to? 'tu' and ' usted'?

hazeleyedlady00 0

"best friend" ? i dont think so.

americayay 0

that's kind of why i'm voting YDI. this can't be the first insultingly self-involved thing her "best friend" has done, yet she's still her best friend.

cuterthanuthink 0

damn girl. thats horrible. Ex best friend!

MooKee 0

Oh the memories... =D sorry that happened to you, at least you don't have to take on that responsibility if she wouldn't have appreciated it/

loserboii 11

YDI for Deserving it!

FrescoLove 10

she should just go to the wedding and steal the groom

kandi_shop_xoxo 0

I thought brides wanted their bride's maids to be ugly, so they could look prettier? haha

Omg thrs what i thought

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the_stereotype 0

that's what i was going to say! lol. just tell her it would make her seem prettier and then mutter bridezilla only slightly coherently