By atterz123 - United Kingdom
Today, I found out my teacher writes descriptions next to people's names on the register to remind him who people were. By mistake the descriptions appeared on the computer projector. Next to my name it said "Tubby". FML
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By  TheHub  |  0

Fatness isn't some kind of incurable disease that entitles you to pity. It's something you brought upon yourself, and on top of that you're too weak-minded to go and do something about it.

By  d_dh2310  |  0

#7 and #16 have very good points :)
#7 I want to teach, (I'm in college and am pretty positive this is what I want to do), and you sound like a GREAT teacher :)

  8ccheng  |  0

#19 I LOL'd
Hahaha my cousin addresses me as tubby or tubtub or tubbytubtub or any variation in between although i have a six pack.... Its probably because I'm rather well endowed for an Asian girl lolololol