By Anonymous - United States
  Today, my girlfriend decided to be very naughty and placed her underwear in my backpack. I wish she had told me, because it slipped into a folder that contained my project data for my professor. So, after class, I got sent to the Dean of Students' office to talk about sexual harassment. FML
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  Dogman332  |  0

Did you take the pants and sniff them? I do not know how that counts as sexual harrassment.

Has anyone on here heard of Just a big fan and I want to know if people are as happy as me.

  Reyo  |  2

Your girlfrien'd not very clever when it comes to pranks is she?
"HA! I put my underwear in your backpack!"
OMG, maybe she'll put them in the FRIDGE NEXT! Oh she's so witty.
*runs off giggling*

By  kukopia  |  0

Neither you nor your girlfriend know what 'really naughty' means yet.
I've never seen someone put panties in a backpack in a porno..

Now your gf owes you. Sweet!