By Anonymous - 02/10/2009 19:30 - United States

Today, my girlfriend decided to be very naughty and placed her underwear in my backpack. I wish she had told me, because it slipped into a folder that contained my project data for my professor. So, after class, I got sent to the Dean of Students' office to talk about sexual harassment. FML
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I concur, I'd hate if that happened to me. :/

Dogman332 0

Did you take the pants and sniff them? I do not know how that counts as sexual harrassment. Has anyone on here heard of Just a big fan and I want to know if people are as happy as me.

Reyo 2

Your girlfrien'd not very clever when it comes to pranks is she? "HA! I put my underwear in your backpack!" OMG, maybe she'll put them in the FRIDGE NEXT! Oh she's so witty. *runs off giggling*

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pfft, someone decided to negative vote spam, nice.

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oh you fail jackass. shame you have no life and need to sit on a site telling people they fail.

GR3453m0nk3y 4

im pretty sure you just told someone they failed while sitting at a website....

But you just wasted your time telling him he failed!!! 0.o People confuse me sometimes

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so that WAS your project data, right?

Next Lesson: Where to place underwear after some fun in the school bathroom. There's your example for the class.

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Drilldo? Intriguing.....tell me more of this mystical object.

GR3453m0nk3y 4

hahaha wow congratulations, you just expanded my vocabulary :D

At least your professor didn't like it. THAT would be an FML. (Sorry if this shows up twice. The site ate my comment.)

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Hey now, even the website gets hungry sometimes! Sorry, that was bad. xD I couldn't resist.

aha, lucky old you. if my girlfriend did that, a) i'd have seen them before i got to class, and b) i would be very surprised. haven't even got pants off yet.

Neither you nor your girlfriend know what 'really naughty' means yet. I've never seen someone put panties in a backpack in a porno.. Now your gf owes you. Sweet!

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Agreed number 13, now she owes him some. Heh heh all right.