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At least it wasn't a dildo...

Did you ask for them back?


looool, ah, that sucks

I concur, I'd hate if that happened to me. :/

Did you take the pants and sniff them? I do not know how that counts as sexual harrassment. Has anyone on here heard of Just a big fan and I want to know if people are as happy as me.

Your girlfrien'd not very clever when it comes to pranks is she? "HA! I put my underwear in your backpack!" OMG, maybe she'll put them in the FRIDGE NEXT! Oh she's so witty. *runs off giggling*

It wasn't a prank. dur

pfft, someone decided to negative vote spam, nice.

Shame, you failed twice on a fail site.

oh you fail jackass. shame you have no life and need to sit on a site telling people they fail.

im pretty sure you just told someone they failed while sitting at a website....

But you just wasted your time telling him he failed!!! 0.o People confuse me sometimes

I hope they were clean?

so that WAS your project data, right?

Next Lesson: Where to place underwear after some fun in the school bathroom. There's your example for the class.

Did you ask for them back?

At least it wasn't a dildo...

Drilldo? Intriguing.....tell me more of this mystical object.

hahaha wow congratulations, you just expanded my vocabulary :D

its a weapon. dangerous.

At least your professor didn't like it. THAT would be an FML. (Sorry if this shows up twice. The site ate my comment.)

Hey now, even the website gets hungry sometimes! Sorry, that was bad. xD I couldn't resist.

aha, lucky old you. if my girlfriend did that, a) i'd have seen them before i got to class, and b) i would be very surprised. haven't even got pants off yet.

Neither you nor your girlfriend know what 'really naughty' means yet. I've never seen someone put panties in a backpack in a porno.. Now your gf owes you. Sweet!

Agreed number 13, now she owes him some. Heh heh all right.