By teejayrn - 15/12/2012 11:48 - United States - Fayetteville

Today, my son sprayed the bottom of my car and windows white with fake snow in Christmas cheer. He did a great job, except he used white spray paint instead of the fake snow. FML
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zingline89 18

Snow big deal. No need to flake out.

Now you can have a white Christmas, a white New Year, a white Valentine's Day, a white St. Patrick's Day, a white Easter...


Yikes.... Well it's the thought that counts. Fml

Don't you mean FYL?

Yes... Yes I do, lol

Berryblizzard, don't worry. It's the thought that counts.

tootsie68 22

Not much holiday cheers there!

Looks like someone's allowance will be going towards getting that all cleaned up. FYL op, I couldn't imagine what I'd do if my daughter ever did that to my truck.

you sound creepy

How does that sound creepy?

Funny coming from a guy who's username gives a sadistic impression and profile picture validates that. Revise the definition of "creepy" eh bob? :)

creep·y /ˈkrēpē/ Adjective Causing fear or unease: "creepy feelings in a strange house". Synonyms gruesome - reptile - creeping My name isn't Bob, but I'm just as good.

Happy holidays?

Your son tried to do something nice and failed miserably...

This is why we can't have nice things...

Paint remover?

debbster7 18

That would remove ALL the paint. Even the paint of the car..

Not necessarily. They could use paint thinner to get it off. Cars have a clear coat over the actual paint. If they used the thinner sparingly they could easily get off just the white spray paint. I've painted my own car. I would know!

Oh shit, I completely forgot about that, 27. Lol I guess the only upside of that is if you wanted to change the color of your car, but I don't know if it would be cheaper or not to get it repainted by someone else.

No biggie razor blade and window cleaner takes it right off

And lacquer thinner for the paint.

Depends on the paint, and on whether whatever removes the white paint also removes the car's finish. 8-/

Yeah somehow misses the car but for spray paint on a car there are rubbing compounds and buffers as well you cal very lightly use brake cleaner to remove the spray... Use to work at a dealership just don't get heavy on the brake cleaner or you'll burn your clear coat

What about paint from running into something?. Does it work the same way?.

It'll be like the holidays all year around, kind of like when people leave their lights up all year round... Except it will be snow.. On your car.

zingline89 18

Snow big deal. No need to flake out.

Icy what you did there; oh Snap!

BunchieRules 31

NIce try guys, but Yule have to do better than that.

50- actually those were great puns. Don't be a hater.

BunchieRules 31

60 - I was not being a hater, but simply joining in on the fun. When making puns, we do not always mean everything we say, but we throw them in whenever we see the opportunity.

Now you can have a white Christmas, a white New Year, a white Valentine's Day, a white St. Patrick's Day, a white Easter...

sure, but when other people want it to be white all year round they're called racist.. I see

Or maybe it's called a joke. And snow color has nothing to do with skin color, you see?

Go on....

23- maybe because he's not being a white supremacist? Haven't you ever heard of that holiday song, "White Christmas"? It's just talking about snow, not an obliteration of color.

thandidavis 17

Ha! Well I just thought 23 was kidding...I chuckled (and I'm not a white supremacist either)