By Llaurin - United Kingdom
Today, my husband has been painting our house all weekend and plans to finish the job after work today. I decided to surprise him by completing the job myself. Painting the last window frame, I dropped the open tin of white paint, right onto our car roof. FML
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By  DocBastard  |  38

You must feel like there is a black cloud over you, but don't feel blue. I just read that paint should rinse off. I hope your husband isn't a violent man, and I hope he won't pink a fight or yellow lot of you, or get sick and puce all over the place. Maybe he'll be green with envy at your new paint job.

Orange you glad I was here to cheer you up?

  razeleet  |  0

I can totally see the husband coming home and seeing it and he says "No worries I got this handled"

Then sings
"Like a good neighbor state farm is there." with a new wife that stays in the kitchen where she's suppose to be :o

  sallen0046  |  4

What dent? There's absolutely no mention of a dent, and even if there was one, a single dent would look a lot better than a gigantic dropped paint splotch running down the sides.

By  Ninjafriends  |  1

It wipes off with absolutely zero issue. It's not like you're painting with enamel. If you had tried to wipe it down relatively quickly you wouldn't have anything to complain about.

By  morgan020  |  0

umm soap and water. if it was a water based paint cleaning it up quickly would have worked. I used to work at a paint store and spilled it all the time and soap and water worked fine.

if not tell your husband it's the new style people are painting their cars :)