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Today, I saw a photo on my mother-in-law's Facebook, proudly showing off the horrible job she'd done of painting her car. I sarcastically commented that I wouldn't inflict that on my worst enemy's ride. An hour later, she came by and emptied a bucket of paint over my windshield. FML
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askullnamedbilly 33

Well, what the hell did you expect? A thank you card and flowers?

Dodge4x4Ram 46

next time keep your comments to yourself


Yeah OPs mother-in-law clearly overreacted, but who comments that on their mother-in-law's picture? That was just rude and if OP didn't expect SOME retaliation, than he is just stupid. I thought the idea was to keep the peace with the in-laws.

nightowl713 25

OP's comment to her was WAY out of line. The MIL actions were also out of line, but you directly caused them OP. You do not disrespect someone like that, keep those nasty comments to yourself OP. Your name doesn't help your case any. Grow up and act like you are old enough to be married. Men are respectful, time to be one.

Op, there is a concept in Buddhism called Noble Silence. This would have been a prime example of when to use it. The comment served no purpose other then to hurt her. You weren't helping or even trying to. While what she did was an over reaction, I don't have much sympathy for you. If she only got your windshield and not your paint job, be thankful the damage was minimal.

Why so many YDI's? The bitch over reacted and you never **** with a man's car...

Since Op said it was a sarcastic comment, ala a joke, it's purpose may not have been to hurt

nightowl713 25

#112, I know it's hard to tell from my profile photo, I mean with those huge eyes ,surely, I could be from some exotic wonderland. But sadly, no. I'm pretty boring and I am in fact from the USA.

askullnamedbilly 33

Well, what the hell did you expect? A thank you card and flowers?

colton_colton 49

So what has OP learned today then?

askullnamedbilly 33

Since he's posted this as an FML with the username 'time to lawyer up'? Probably nothing. I'm sure he still sees nothing wrong with deliberately antagonizing his spouse's mother over something as stupid as a Facebook picture of a paint job.

AnOriginalName 19

Well I wouldn't expect vandalism and destruction of my personal property. A snappy comeback, sure, in return for an insult on the internet, but not something that actually extends to the real world.

#11. I think he learned that if he goes to court he'll get a brand new paint job courtesy of his MIL.

They are perfectly justified in pressing criminal charges. Just because someone hurt your feelings on the internet is no excuse to break the law.

jairienfaite 20

Even if yes it wasn't nice what the op said, the mother-in-law defenetly crazily reacted. If OP do go to court he/she have to understand that the family reunions will be full of stress. Maybe try talking to her about it...

55 - you also don't vandalize family's property for a mean comment either. Take the witch to court. Family or not she needs to be held accountable. If she does this to her daughters husband just think what she may do to someone who she doesn't know and they aren't so nice to her??

I'm sure he didn't expect her to vandalize his car. A nasty comment in return, a mean comment about something he did, the cold shoulder at the next family dinner all would have been acceptable. Heck, even a snarky remark along the lines of if he's so good at paint jobs, he can repaint her car would have been great. But vandalism? No. Now, maybe OP could have been nicer when he criticized the paint job on his MIL's car, but pouring paint on a windshield for a mean comment is never okay.

The OP wouldn't be ruining the MIL's life with a felony. She did that all on her own. What you are doing is blaming the victim. Also he doesn't have to press charges. Just get a police statement of what happened. You can get enough from small claims court to have the damages fixed and that does not take a lawyer or 3 years to process.

So did your new paintjob looked better than her's?

You hate Facebook because people overreact and pour paint over each other's cars? It's okay 105, violence against cars, FML says no.

shank her tires and leave note in serial killer text

StompinOnCrayons 15

If the mother in law rampages over a rude facebook message, imagine the end result if Op were to 'shank her tires '. I'm betting a broken window, a stolen car , and unfriended

He is going to be so pissed when she unfriends him on facebook. It's going to ruin him!

skipper2009 18

Just make sure to do only three. Insurance won't cover it.

gabechriswill 19

Yes, that's any sane person's first thought.

zwhite2712 12

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But a totally believable motherly-in-law way to go about it.

I feel sorry for you but maybe you should have kept your mouth shut!

just cause someone expresses an opinion doesn't mean the other person can vandalize their car that's just stupid. verbal argument is one thing but she actually went to his house and dumped paint on his car, I don't get why you people can't see that the mother in law is crazy.

#87- I don't think anyone is condoning the mother in-laws behavior. Had she reacted the way she did or not he still should have kept his mouth shut. You can have an opinion but when it comes to someone like your mother in-law especially you should probably have a filter.

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Pretty sure you don't get thrown into jail or a mental institution for vandalizing someone's property. She'd probably just get fined. And you should respect your mother-in-law no matter how bad her paint job is. I think OP deserved it.

Actually I believe that would be considered felony destruction of property. Anything over $500 in Kansas is a felony (the cost to repair the damage), and she vandalized his car. Clearly she is unstable. I feel for you. I'm just glad my Mother-in-law is not a nut bag.

Koios 30

You can get jail time for vandalism. In Texas, if the damage done is between $1,500 and $20,000, you can get up to 2 years in jail.

#37 Well, since OP is married to her daughter, he can at least respect his own wife enough to treat the person who raised her and whom she probably loves and cares about a lot (because if she and her mother truly hated each other I doubt they'd be FB friends) with a modicum of respect. Of course I do NOT believe his lack of respect excuse the MIL's actions. She was way out of line, and if they cannot resolve the issue with words, he is perfectly within his rights to take legal action.

wysegirl 24

I don't think the intention was to be an ass and if my mom did that to my husband's vehicle I would make her pay it. No matter how pissed someone is at a comment there is no reason to throw paint like a little kid on a vehicle. She could of found a more appropriate way to handle he situation.

FYL for commenting a photo of your monster-in-law.

Why on earth would you think insulting your MIL would turn out well? Lmao