By ProudASDmom - 30/03/2016 02:39 - Canada - Chilliwack

Today, my son's first impression of our new neighborhood was to be yelled at by the first kid he tried to introduce himself to, because my son was on the edge of their lawn. Half-an-hour later, I got a lecture at the corner store, because the clerk thinks vaccinations caused my son's autism. FML
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Vaccines aren't bad! They prevent serious outbreaks of diseases. They dont cause autism!

I thought Canada was supposed to be nice?


I thought Canada was supposed to be nice?

That's just a stereotype. The two Canadians I personally know are both extremely arrogant and very self-absorbed. You get good and bad in every country.

My experience in Canada is that the more west you go, the shittier some people get, especially in Vancouver. Quebec sometimes as well. I'm not speaking for everyone, though.

I love every Canadian i know. Except for Québécois. I hate Québécois. (Please don't murder me in my sleep; I'm kidding.)

Osti d'calisse tu cherches l'embrouille toi! :P

Why are people thumbing me down? I'm not saying ALL Canadians are stuck up, I'm saying the ones that I KNOW are stuck up.

As with anything, it depends on the individual Canadian, as well as certain areas, as like-minded people do tend to group together. Some areas have more arrogant, stuck up people, others are nicer. I will agree with a previous comment here, the West can get more arrogant(and I live in the West), as well as Quebec. As a Canadian, I find it's due to being self-absorbed within their own identity/area/views, so they don't like when other people are different and "inflict" this on them, which makes them less considerate, flexible, and accommodating.

Agreed. Canada's nice, but those wannabe French ***** are assholes. Stick with the touristy areas.

I feel like Vancouver may be the exception

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I have never met a nice Canadian. My best friends step mom was Canadian and she committed more crimes than I can count and cheated on her husband. I had a Canadian "friend" who knew my cousin lost her dad 8 years ago and asked how he was doing in hell. I had a Canadian "friend" who treated me like shit and basically told me to go **** myself anytime I tried to talk to him.

I swear to god we aren't all that bad, seems like you just got the worst of the bunch

Can't disagree with that at all, living in Quebec, people are fairly more arrogant and/or close minded than in the rest of Eastern Canada.

I am Québécois and people are arrogant only if you are. Don't get the wrong idea!

I don't see why your comment was down voted either

The reason why these racist dogs have down voted this comment is because she's a Muslim ?

Vaccines aren't bad! They prevent serious outbreaks of diseases. They dont cause autism!

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Exactly, autism is a disease that happens in the womb

Even IF they did, I would much rather a child with autism because of vaccines, than a dead or extremely sick child because I refused to prevent it from happening.

People who refuse to give their child vaccines because of these myths would rather risk their child DYING from a disease because they don't want their child to be anything other than "perfect" and its ******* dumb

Yeah, and even if they did, woopty-******-doo, autism isn't that bad. Autism can be a benefit and a downside, generally autistic people are smart thinkers or nice (not all the time though.)

I can't fathom how autism can be a benefit. Seriously? So my sons inability to speak is good? You clearly know maybe one person on the spectrum and they are high functioning.

I am Autistic and I will tell you how it has benefited me. I am more sensitive to the small details that exist in nature. This has made me a better photographer, Audio tech, animal handler, and helped me to figure out algebra that 'normal' people can't. And by the way, just because your son isn't verbal, doesn't mean he can't speak, many people with autism excel at sign language.

For everyone with autism as high functioning as you there are 3 non verbals. Just because there are occasionally some benefits doesn't mean that it's a good thing.

Non - verbal DOES NOT EQUAL mentally handicapped . All Non - verbal means is that the person is severely handicapped in the communication skills that the rest of us take for granted. And by the way there are twice as many verbal as non - verbals. The main reason why it mat seem as there are more non-verbals is because people with autism are MUCH more sensitive to emotions and when they feel overwhelmed one of the first things too be effected are their communication skills.

Lets face it no kid is going to be perfect. And even if vaccines cause autism (which is complete bullshit) id rather have my kid autistic (which isnt even that bad sometimes, and could even have benefits) than dead

I was labled as autistic, however the further I live my life (was diagnosed 6 years ago at the age of 12), the more confused I am about the diagnosis. I say this because i'm a "very high functioning" autistic and the doctor didn't seem very sure when he diagnosed me. I have multiple friends and they all consider me normal and can't really point something "autistic" about me after having shown them multiple sources on what autism really is. My parents don't hesitate to excuse some "wrong" behaviours over it and i'm not sure whether or not it's true that I'm autistic and it kinda troubles me

@42 That's why I said not all the time, please read the full message before replying...

I have a friend that had a son born normal and starting to talk. She gave him vaccines and immediately he stopped talking. Even the doctors said it was the vaccine. Labeled as autistic, he grew up not talking and is violent. Just letting you know that it does happen.

It depends. People with autism can be even smarter than those without. The two smartest people I've ever met, literally geniuses, both had autism. It isn't necessarily a hindrance.

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75, it does NOT happen. The only study ever conclusively supporting that idea was fraudulent, and no data has ever since been found linking vaccines to autism.

I'm going to have my kids get all of the vaccines I've had because they are going overboard with them. I would prefer them not to get ALS from all of the mercury in the shots

All of the people with Autism I've met are barely even there it seems that they aren't really alive but they are trapped in a body and will never have independence, also I knew one who was older and beat his mother and sister and would knock on our door and try to break it down. I don't have very good experience with them.

Get over yourself. It has happened many times. Vaccines are known to cause ALS so why wouldn't you expect it to cause Autism.

#75 Correlation does not necessarily equa causation. Especially when the "evidence" is anecdotal.

#75 Autism is the result of something that happens in the womb ( before the child is born ), and NEVER vaccines. Many doctors believe that when autism does present itself in this way, that most likely the child would have been autistic to some degree sooner or later. However an allergic reaction to thing(s) in the vaccine made the autism visible and / or to a greater degree then what the child started with. But the main thing is the child WAS ALWAYS autistic, it was just hidden , and if anything the vaccine made it unhidden.

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what I think they mean is that sometimes a downside can be more of a upside

Please don't let a rough start bother you. You and he will be fine.

What the actual heck? I mean that is just awful. I am sure you will find a good support network there, you just happened to have some bad luck and run into the resident jerks. They might come around once they get to know you but hopefully you will find others you can befirend. I thiunk your son is very brave for introducing himself and should be very proud of himself, maybe there is a group or club he can join that would introduce him to some kinder people.

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Opinions are like butts.. Sorry you had to deal with that, OP

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No, everyone has one but it is generally considered rude to wave your's in someone's face.

there's no need for that kind of language

Cut your losses and move again... no seriously!

Maybe you should give him a really strong small pox vaccine ?

That clerk can go **** himself. Not only has the "proven link" been so thoroughly disproven that medical licenses were lost over it, but you know what not getting vaccines causes? Disease and potential death. I'd rather have an autistic kid than a dead one.

I agree thricefold, I can't believe people still follow this shit belief.

As someone with ASD myself, I would have wanted to beat the shit out of that person. On a lighter note, OP, I really hope your son has a better time adjusting to moving; I imagine the process itself was stressful.