By annoyed - 28/08/2012 17:50 - United States - North Las Vegas

Today, I finally picked up my new bank card after my old one was stolen. It took the bank six weeks and five separate orders to figure it out, on top of which they've charged me a rush fee. FML
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happyface92 3

You need to switch banks

It should have taken no more than 2 days. Banks are a dime a dozen - find a new one.


You should complain !

You don't say? Hmmm.

You should complain on their Facebook page, they don't want the bad publicity so they'll be pretty keen to show the world 'they care' and will do something about it.

Demand a refund and threaten to change banks. I dunno about in the US, but in Australia it works every time!

Wait #10 you consider yourself a god??

Thank you for your glorious insight, you wise elder. Please disperse more of your ancient knowledge.

Well usually when you complain to the company, shit gets done. Some of you guys leave some childish comments...

musicluvr2000 11

No! You should go and tell them how much of a good job they're doing! Or even better... high-five them! *note the sarcasm*

Right... Gotta love the Internet trolls and keyboard warriors. Yeah, I left a blatant yet relevant comment. Calm down, shit...

happyface92 3

You need to switch banks

Switch banks, then rob your old one. Problem solved.

You forgot the evil kitten laugh muamoewmoewmoewmoew

To rob a bank, you need a gun. To rob the world, you need a bank. word.

41- that's the most sense you have ever made.

Bitch, you don't know me!!!! Biiiiiitch!!

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twilightriforce 10

Sorry to hear that OP. Maybe it's time to start using a new bank.

Yuck. I'm sorry to hear that, OP. Hopefully you didn't get mugged and robbed of all that straight cash you must have been carrying around.

It should have taken no more than 2 days. Banks are a dime a dozen - find a new one.

Intentional pun?

It would make sense that it was a pun

It would make cents if it was a pun.

You're trying too hard 62.

jovizzle 8

Hey 63... 0 confirmed out of 14 posted? You also clearly graduated from TryHard University.

62- dang, that was the pun I was trying to go for, I guess I wasn't clear enough. Maybe I could get a little CREDIT though (still trying)

Don't let them get away with this. Complain daily if you have to.

wow wtf? thats bs, i feel ya :I

Guess the bank is trying to make you save your money!! :/

corruptedlol 2

Banks hate money savers. They want you to spend money. Especially theirs.

kroekdog 7

Everyone loves Rush...

Turtle_rebellion 10

6 weeks? All they had to do was change a card.