By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was at the park with my autistic son when I noticed a teenage girl imitating him by flapping her hands and walking on her toes. Fed up with children mocking my son, I went over and sternly lectured the girl's mother. Turns out, her daughter is autistic too and will be in my son's class. FML
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  Person_Man  |  0

Don't worry buddy, you were just trying to look out for your son like a good parent should. #1 is right, the interaction might actually start a friendship :D

Good luck to you!

  cactus_fml  |  0

I would have done the same thing. The other mom probably understands, considering you're both in kind of the same boat. You were just trying to protect your baby, anybody can grasp that.

  moomoo88  |  0

Just had to say, I love your username! I'm addicted to Devendra Banhart, and listened to that song a ton of times before going to sleep.

To OP: That sucks! Honest mistake, but it's weird that her child does the same thing. Autistic kids don't often act very similar. They usually have general similar characteristics but nothing so specific. you two mothers have ommon I right?

By  dazzleme  |  2

how is this an fml? My brother is severely mentally challenged, people understand that no one wants their kid to be mocked. the other mom would have understood why you'd have given "a stern lecture", so stfu

  kike123  |  0

the point is that she felt embarrassed for approaching the other mother while not knowing that the girl was also autistic. i agree that it isn't a complete FML, but it sure must have been a very embarrassing situation to be in.

  nanylove  |  0

Its clearly a fml because she went over there to tell the mom that the girl was making fun of her soon nd turns on shes not shes like that to. Thas embarrasing. Thats why it is.

  ForestFire0  |  1

Ironic how you're being self-righteous now! also, shut the fuck up, she wasn't telling the mother how to raise her child, she was defending her son. Big difference. In no way does she deserve this, and it really isn't a FML either since the other mother most likely understood since THEIR SITUATIONS WERE VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL

  bluedoll  |  1

Oh, it IS, is it? While they may have a far away look and "odd" behaviors many people wouldn't first think, "autistic child" they would think "weird kid." Too many people don't know about autism and there is absolutely NO defining physical characteristic about it like there is Down's Syndrome. So shut it. Maybe her son was doing that at that moment and she then saw the girl doing it from a distance and she finally decided to let her anger out. However, she made a mistake. Easy to spot my... Do you know why it often takes so long to spot and until recently there wasn't common knowledge about it? Because it isn't "spotable"


screwtaylor, you are by far the biggest idiot on FML
continue to impress us with every new comment, you worthless shit.

OP, it is an FML. I deal with the same thing with my younger sister and i would have responded the exact same way after seeing the same thing so many times.
just apologize and explain the misunderstanding.

the orchids' torturer has spoken.

  leisl14  |  0

have you noticed that no one thinks your jokes are funny?that's because they're not.. you just come across as a rude, immature, ignorant bitch

  screwtaylor  |  0

I may not to be funny to you, but I've got plenty of messages complimenting me telling me that I am.
You shouldn't even be calling anyone ignorant when you don't even have correct grammar.

You're a hater. Now, good day.

  n_london  |  0

Screwtaylor: Oh, THAT person is a hater? Every comment you make is hateful. Jesus, this site is supposed to be fun. I realize I'm being slightly hypocritical right now by making an angry comment, but there wouldn't be half as many angry responses if you just took everyone's advice and shut the fuck up. I highly doubt anyone has sent you messages saying how amazing and insightful your comments are. Go find a forum or something to post bitchy messages and start fights on. Keep FML a little more light-hearted. Or just go run into traffic and help out natural selection.

OP- I too don't see how this is an FML. But you didn't really deserve it either.


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I dunno, I believe I have a great sense of humor. but ive never been and will never be a fan of making fun of people due to handicaps/ disabilities... all factors in which they had NO SAY OR NO CHOICE IN.
I will never be a fan of those kinds of jokes whether they come from you screwtaylor, or BORAT or any other waste of oxygen.

these are all victims of their circumstances. so, if u are completely fine saying such things, die screwtaylor, go play in traffic or something.
go die of swine flu or a cold. It would be the ultimate service to community.


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ive said everything i needed to say on the issue, i cannot contribute anything new so as u wouldve found out screwtaylor, i have blocked you and will not be checking back on this thread.

say u have kids in a few yrs... I hope you are fortunate enough to never find yourself in a situation similar to the OP - in which you would have to defend someone you love from people who are well... very much like you.

the orchids' torturer has spoken.

  taybaby_  |  0

You are by far the dumbest bitch I've ever seen in my life. You think you're funny when you're the farthest thing from it. People like you should be publicly tortured. Seriously. If I ever had the opportunity to beat the pathetic bullshit out of you, I would gladly do it.

Just because two people are autistic, it doesn't mean that they have to be together and/or have sex. Someone without a disability could possibly fall in love with his child. If you're so immature and dimwitted that you can't understand how inappropriate and shallow you are, I feel truly sorry for you. Learn how to keep your mouth shut.


LOL i found that hilarious. GO YOU! but anyway, no one can take a joke because they dont have a sense of humor. and before you say omg joking about disableds is bad, your all fucking spewing insults at her for a joke. If you dont find it funny, keep your insults that no one pays attention to, to yourself.

  xJessTaylorx  |  0

My brother has a tic disorder, my cousin is autistic, and my other cousin is almost completely physically and mentally disabled. I hate it when people with dissabilities are made fun of or people make crude jokes about it. If you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all. Do everyone a favor and just delete your comment.
Oh and on a lighter note in my grade there's an autistic boy who's in a relationship with someone without dissabilities and they're adorable!

By  termt  |  0

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  arienh4  |  0

There's nothing true about that whole paragraph. Autism isn't black and white, it's a spectrum. Basically, what you're describing is the difference between low-functioning autism (what you described as Kanner's) and high-functioning autism (what you described as Asperger). Those are two sides of the sprectrum. I, myself, have Asperger, but I have a lot of friends who are diagnosed as having PDD-NOS.

So, to sum it up, I do think you have some idea what you're talking about, but definitely not the whole idea.

  glitterkuro  |  18

Yeah, though it isn't exactly a spectrum. It isn't really the case that some people are more high functioning and some people are more low functioning. Autistic people have a mix of traits and some can affect them more than others. So it's not really fair to say one person has autism "better" or "worse" than others, it can be more complex than that. I can do some things better than some people with autism, and other things I am very bad at doing.

  Saphiraa  |  10

I have aspergers and I have more than 16 qualifications (I'm 17). I also won awards for my hard work in the community and been in newspapers. I love who I am and people should stop downing autistic people.

  IceWrath  |  22

I'm autistic and have been going to college for almost 2 years now. I'm doing a very high level course and will be staying at college for at least another 4 years. I play multiple instruments, speed read and I am a very fast learner. I am intelligent, I guess, but have a lot of trouble doing things by myself (for example; I can't cross a road because I have no sense of danger, I can't use public transport on my own, I can't fold my clothes, I can't cut up my food etc). It doesn't mean I'm stupid or have a low IQ. What you said was very offensive and ignorant... Please, go on Google and just do some basic research; it's not that hard.