By Anonymous - 23/11/2015 14:19 - Australia - Applecross

Today, I was washing my boobs in the shower when I caught my reflection in the mirror. I got super turned on at the sight of my large breasts all soaped up. I'm a man. FML
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This is the breast story I've ever heard.

Become a model ;)


Become a model ;)

only consider becoming a model if you're secure with people faping to your image

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That's just wrong.

Don't be so rude about his moobs.

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I agree be a model

Not sure if this FML is about being gay or fat..

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You need a girl friend. May I introduce you to Jenny Craig?

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You don't need no woman! Grow your own boobs!

He's a strong, independent Australian man who don't need no woman.

I'm hoping your boobs are superhairy. Makes the mental image I'm having so much better.

This is the breast story I've ever heard.

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quite titillating i'd say

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I will hold this in my mammaries forever.

I was so excited when I began reading this thinking "Yes! I'm not the only woman who experiences this!" Then I continued reading and the man part came in along with the disappointment. haha.. Anyways, sorry about your situation OP! But the saying goes "Big or small love 'em all"

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I don't know about turned on but I play with mine all the time.

When he said he was a man it ruined it for me but your comments made me feel better.

lmao same! I was like isn't this norma-oh...

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prepare for an onslaught of hot requests

Thank you for bringing the good images back that OP took away with the I'm a man part.

To be honest, I got turned on reading this FML until I found out it was a man.

Really glad I'm not the only one who does that!