By Bruce - 02/02/2012 03:11 - United States

Today, my son learned that when you slide a mug across the kitchen table, it doesn't stop where you expect it to like in the old cartoons. I then learned what it feels like to have a full mug of hot chocolate spilled onto my crotch. FML
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hot crotch buns. GET IT? anyone? no? ok..


first. sorry, got excited, that's on my bucket list. :3

That wouldn't feel to great now would it :-/

enonymous 8

Anyone else's panties get wet and their nipples hard like mine just did after reading this fml?

I think it would feel wonderful actually...:p

GoW_Chick 14

"I'm hot blooded, about 103, my crotch feels like it's on fire, can't someone help me please?!" That's what popped into my head when I read this.

8, you're definitely not the only one! I got pretty hot myself!

But on the bright side your **** taste delicious and is heated already! Ready to e served:)

hot crotch buns. GET IT? anyone? no? ok..

GovernorGeneral 8


GovernorGeneral 8

Yes id like a cookie for those of you who are thinking to give me one. C:

ban_anaa 0

Damn. I meant to give you a thumbs down #21. My mistake.

24 Cool story bro, want a cookie? Too bad, I already gave it to the governor.

I don't get it. Then again, I don't get hot beverages poured over my crotch either ;)

camochick27 4

Hot "cross" buns is what he was getting at... Lmao.

Thanks #43, I don't think anyone would have understood the joke if it weren't for you.

The tourettes guy does actually when some guy opens a door

46 - I wouldn't have understood it. I have never heard of "hot cross buns" before.

57- it wasn't hot. And, you can't do SHIT without your BALLS!!

GovernorGeneral 8

39- thanks ;) 44- so are all the others...

And then his son learned what a good old fashioned ass whoopin felt like.

flockz 19

i just think you made a lousy attempt at a catch, butterfingers. now excuse me, i'm going to go hunt me some wabbits. i saw it in this cartoon once.

ilove80smetal 8

Dear lord do you not watch bugs bunny!

BeatifulPenguin 4

I would post why this doesn't make sense but then I saw you were asian and realized you can't open your eyes wide enough to read properly.

On the bright side, Jr. just might have negated the chance if a repeat performance by a future child. Sterility FTW!

Well he had to learn someday that things don't always work the same as they do in cartoons.. Unfortunately for you he was drinking a scolding hot beverage at the time.

BeatifulPenguin 4

Grammar. Duh. Jk! Even though people say it like it's with an 'o', it's not... Thanks # 50! For helping rid the world of the not-really-a-word-word 'scolding'.

Hey, it could be worse..... Wait no, no it really can't.

DontClickOnMe 28

What? Lol. What does McDonald's have to do with this...

"I failed highschool and my gf of 5 years dumped me :(" "**** it, just sue McDonalds"

It's from a lawsuit where a woman sued McDonalds for burning herself after spilling coffee on her lap because she didn't know the coffee was hot.

zingline89 18

No, you guys misunderstood, Sue McDonalds was my first grade teacher, and this FML reminded me of her :P