By Anonymous - 13/12/2012 12:37 - United States - Costa Mesa

Today, while my mother was driving me to school, her coffee started to spill. So like a normal parent, she held it over my lap. FML
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Hopefully you were not wearing white clothes...

So in situations like this what goes through "YDI" peoples head?


So... How was it?

Let me guess....painful???

I think the wonderful feeling of burnt skin must've made OP happy..

Not if the coffee was warm/cold!

9- I still don't think OP would have enjoyed that...

@9 I'm pretty positive OP's mom wasn't drinking warm/cold coffee...

~that's hot~

I'm pretty sure my original comment was supposed to be sarcastic...

^ you should know sarcasm is no longer appreciated on FML.

thatKidzmOm 10

Use the ~ to indicate sarcasm. I thought that was agreed upon already?

Well I'm sorry.. I'm new to fml as you can see by my whopping 12 comments... I wasn't aware there was a symbol for sarcasm on fml. I will be sure to keep that in mind for next time :)

At least you are useful in life!

That's the spirit!

No cup holders? Should have gone for the Camry, they have 12 cup holders.

Silent_Thrill 17

12!? Mine only has one. It's a shoe in the passenger side floor board. Damn cars from the 80's.

Hopefully you were not wearing white clothes...

The day I wore a white shirt to school my brother slammed on the breaks while I was in his car and I spilt it all over myself.

Why do you need coffee, you're fifteen years old? You should be all peppy in the mornings .

36 Why do I rarely see cute girls in my age bracket anymore.. :(

unknown_user5566 26

If they were white, OP could just hold an impromptu wet-pants contest. Her popularity would skyrocket! :)

Two interesting visuals in one day?!! Nice one kyleekay! :D

37 - Some of us teenagers aren't morning people. Some of us are "Shdbwhxsmfshutthefuckupyoupeppypeopleimgoingtokillyoudjshshsjsn" people.

Alright calm down, you drink all the mocha lattes you want. Just asking. *takes a sip of coffee*

Silent_Thrill 17

Coffee!? Lattes!? hahahaha... how silly. The best part of waking up is virgin blood in your cup. Didn't you know? The repressed sexual frustration really gets you up there. Though it does make this whole spilling situation dramatically worse.

Unusual comment.. I'll gove you that.. Virgin blood.. Care to share a taste?

RvidxrKlvn 8

-63 I get it's a joke but what the ****...

Keepin it really sexy..... Oh wait, that was a creepy ass thing to say!

Silent_Thrill 17

75- That's my thing on both the internet and in real life. I make messed up jokes that mainly just confuse and sicken people while I sit back and laugh oh so much. My mother is real proud of me...

Lol 37, I have been drinking coffee since I was 8.

Well #81 is it true does it stunt your growth drinking coffee at a young age? Are you a midget?

Oddly enough I know several midgets that drink coffee a lot...

#83 I was just joking man. But I really have heard it stunts your growth if you drink at a young age.

It does. So do monsters and redbulls. My sister is 19 and 4' 9". She has coffee twice a day.

IconicLemon 8

Your life has a purpose. Hahaha.

blcksocks 19

To be a cup-holder?

My 7 year old cousin told me wants to be a cup-holder when she grows up..

OP do you mind holding my cup while I write out my comment. Thanks.

RedPillSucks 31

My daughter wanted to be a nut cracker. And she wasn't talking about the ballet.

Hey, Your mom never used you as a hail protector

Wtf is a hail protector?

Shadow2193 5

Or as a human shield

If you're going to do that, comment to the person you're saying that to... or use their # or username

So in situations like this what goes through "YDI" peoples head?

They might be thinking.. YDI for not throwing it window? Or for not spilling it on her? Take your pick..

Maybe, "OP should have known that her coffee was going to spill and done something to prevent it" or something to that effect

Wait, OP should have known that her mother's coffee was going to spill?

18 We were saying potential things that the YDI people might be saying... Get literate please...


Accidental double post. Nothing to do here... *jetpack*

WhitePrettyKitty 10

OP could have held the coffee for her mother... If my mom held it over my lap because it was about to spill I would hold it for her until the car was stopped and she could drink some of the coffee so it wouldn't spill.

YDI for being too proud to ride the bus/too lazy to walk. YDI for trying to get an education. YDI for caring what your clothes look like. YDI for wearing clothes. YDI for not being lovable enough. YDI for being a girl. YDI for not having spare pants, what if you sneeze again?! Yellow and brown, people aren't going to buy a lemonade and coffee excuse this time...

YDI because my life isn't complete until I have the two YDI badges.

YDI because I need to be unique and vote opposite of the majority in order to feel good about myself and be able to sleep at night

Driblets 8

YYDI for not driving yourself YDI for being too young to drive YDI for not carpooling

It's a natural instinct for a parent to protect their young. I hope it didn't spill on you though.

She wasn't protecting her young, instead she was putting them in danger.

Yeah but if the coffee spilled on her both their lives would be at risk as she's the driver...however..she could have asked OP to hold it.

savage93 11

Hands down 13 has The Dumbest comment.

CharresBarkrey 15

33 - That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. She's probably more distracted reaching over to hold it over her daughter than she would have been to just spill it on herself.

Yes you are all right. What on earth was I thinking.

feldco1 17

I know that I do that when there's no one in the car. She might have done that out of habit.

it seems very mum does that too, just as a habit when going thru dips in the road

Coffee, a part of every child's nutritious breakfast!