By Benji - 20/05/2009 19:53 - United Kingdom

Today, I was watching TV with a cup of coffee. My mum asked if I wanted a Mars bar. I said that would be great and she threw one at me, catching me off guard. The Mars bar went straight into my coffee, spilling it over my bare legs. I now have a scald mark on my penis. FML
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its not like youll need to be using it, if you still live with your mom

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bitch I would have called the cops and said she threw the coffee. plus there's proof...

"bare legs". Were you only wearing a speedo/briefs or something?

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it probably went through his pantss!

Emma Marshall 19

Cuz coffee doesn't go through clothing or anything

wait where were ur pants like did the coffee like penetrate or something

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lol, #4. and why would you be naked with your mom right there? and if you werent naked how did you burn your penis?

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He was probably wearing boxers... And they are pretty thin...

.. Hot coffee can still burn you through clothes you ******* retards.