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Today, my fiancé decided he wants a baby only because our dog is good, quiet, and falls asleep as soon as he starts to cradle her. He thinks a baby will be just like that. FML
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zingline89 18

Speaking from experience, he'll be sorry for assuming a baby will be like a pet. I was very disappointed when my baby daughter was unwilling to use a litter box.

Give him one of those realistic dolls that shit, cry, scream, and pee. He'll change his mind.


luffy2012_fml 10

Oh man what's worse, picking up poo from your dog or changing diapers frequently... Tough one

changing diapers. they have tools to pick up dog waste.

Steel_BZ 8

Diapers. You don't have to change a dog & then cradle it when you're done. It goes, you pick up & both are happy.

pinkpixie06 11

While a baby may not be just like his dog, they do add much joy to one's life....if you're ready for it. :)

iOceanus 18

I don't think OP's fiancé is quite ready for a baby if he think's it will be as easy as taking care of their dog. :P

Our baby was that easy, maybe OP will be just as lucky. Our daughter was sweet, kind and gentle and was my best friend - until she turned 11. From the time she had her first period up to the present day and the age of 24, I can do nothing right in her eyes. She even unfriended me on Facebook. But as a baby, OP would be very fortunate to have a child as gentle and loving as our Little One.

She un-friended you on Facebook!? Oh noes!

I'm not sure if I should be offended. What does 'noes' mean? Should I be angry because #47 is mocking my previous comment or should I feel pity because #47 can't spell? Or, should I mark it down as immaturity on #47's part and just ignore it?

southernbelle_rn 16

#37: My 3 month old daughter is the same way. Keep her dry and comfy and she's content but loves to babble! Now I fear the future lol. Hopefully it won't be so bad!

My parents said I was also a breeze to handle as a baby. I would sleep the whole night without any problems. My brother was hell for them, though! It's just a matter of luck.

Isn't a baby just a dog that slowly learns how to talk?

Babies are more like drunk friends. Tiny drunk friends who are drunk all the time. Except you love them a different way and everything, but that's not the point.

That's how I convinced my husband that we were ready for a baby. I got your reference :)

29 - convinced? Ahhh. Sounds horrible. I don't think a baby is something you should convince someone into having. A new tv, yes. A new baby, not so much.

My parents raised a dog before they had me just so they could make sure that they know how to work well together...

I don't think daycares are like petshops, you can't just go in and play with children...

Obviously to look at the disarray and bask in the reality that is children. Not to play, derp. He clearly needs the wake-up call if he thinks a child will be like a dog in any way.

iOceanus 18

Edit: I totally forgot what I was going to say. *wasted comment*

#8, Pity you didn't tell me that earlier. The police didn't believe I was just training for my future children either, but maybe that's cause I'm 65 with a beard down to my nipples.

Iknoweverything 29

No need to go to the local daycare, just go to any store with toys, and watch. There's a reason I want a baby, but do not want actual kids. Good birth control.

Trying to figure out how wanting a baby is different from wanting kids. How do you want a baby yet not want kids?

Meaning they like the idea of a baby, but resist having one because they know they grow up and become kids.

Give him one of those realistic dolls that shit, cry, scream, and pee. He'll change his mind.

Roguedork19 8

Let him babysit for a day and that'll set him straight.

Sounds like you have a very loving & nurturing fiancé... count your blessings

btstig 11

In my Red Forman voice "Dumbass".

miniluda12 12

Your picture perfectly relates to this FML.

sugarshane007 20

Clearly he has not tried to breast feed the pup. That'll change his tune!!!

hockeychicl003 6

If OP does have a baby hopefully he won't try to breastfeed it...