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  momijmanju  |  1

I was thinking that it was one of those revolving doors with a grille on one side to prevent people from going back? My subway station has it so people don't sneak in without paying.


Actually, I've been to a hotel that had an automatic revolving door (as in, it turned constantly), and apparently if you pushed it because it was so slow, it would pause where it was.

By  fmessiah  |  17

I've seen someone's hand wedge between the wall, when someone else tried to push the door around the first persons flesh started to separate, the screaming was intense but the second person continued pushing, the first persons wails finally stopped the second person from pushing. The blood was dribbling onto the floor like the hot wax of a red candle rushing down the candle. I still, even now, several years later wake up in a hot sweat.

  bri_maselli  |  0

Definitely, nothing is worse when you're in room with some serious tension and you just crack a smile and chuckle all to yourself.. I got some dirty looks -_-