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He was thinkin with the small head...

Innovation. He's going places.


He was thinkin with the small head...

That's actually kind of awesome.

Whichever head he was thinking with it was fucking genius!

I give him points for creativity. That's hilarious!

Gonna lie... I wouldn't even ground him based on she sheer amount of epicness your son just executed

Yeah, what a dick!

Who else got a good laugh out of this?

The small head usually gets guys in trouble.

62 - Are you shitting me? So It's her fault her kid did this?

93. The smaller head usually gets me into something. Not always trouble, but it gets me in.

Awesome 104 :)

104 it's fun to get it in

Im with 18 on this one, thats kind of awesome!!!!

Innovation. He's going places.

Indeed. Bill Gates did the same exact thing.

hence the name Microsoft.

Microsoft uses processors made out of foreskin.

Places like a jail cell?

102, I think it sounds like you're just upset because you know you could never come up with something as fantastically hilarious as OP's child.

Creativity is highly valued in many professions.

4 He's going places and pointing out the way.

This kid is awesome!!

I'm surprised anyone could see it. It's probably tiny.

I wanna meet this kid.

Sounds like 160 is a little jealous. Being insecure is normal but attacking a kid you never met after they did something way more awesome than you ever did is going a bit too far to secure your manhood

If he was underaged doesn't it count as distributing child pornography?

Using his head I see

I don't think the head is what he was using.

He was using his head- it was just the smaller one.

Nogood9 nerds to start using his actually head if he didn't get that joke.....

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay smaller.

#48 You need to use some actually grammar.

That's not a grammar issue, she simply typed something wrong. No big deal.

Well, instead of needs, she typed nerds. That is an acceptable typo. However, instead of actual, she typed actually. I don't think that is a typo.

And definitly NOT acceptable. SHE WILL BURN IN HELL Sarcasm used by the way

Actually it takes a penis

That's either pure stupidity or pure genius. Most people wouldn't have the balls to do it.

Even fewer people would have the dick.

It'd depend on what kind of balls though, now wouldn't it?

I would have a hard time punishing him for that... It's hilarious!

By expelling him they are acknowledging that he can't top his feat. Now he has no need to. They have ensured his legacy.

Make sure to let him know that not everything the Romans did was a good idea.

The Romans used a photocopier to make copies of their penis?

37: Nah. They had scribes for that.

They used to draw (etch) penises around their cities. It was a sign of prosperity, similar to a graffiti peace sign.

They also used it (and at times, carvings of feet) to point towards the local brothels. Happened a lot in port cities.

She's implying that his friends at school (Rome) probably egged him on

A+ for creativity

It would have been awesome if he didn't get expelled.