By Anonymous - 05/10/2012 23:02 - United States - Queen Creek

Today, I discovered that my 12-year-old son has secretly been printing out and selling copies of the suggestive photos from my camera that I'd taken for my husband. He's been selling them to kids at school for a dollar each. FML
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A dollar each? Sounds like you have some work to do.

CountMango 5

And that's why you take better care to hide things like that...


A dollar each? Sounds like you have some work to do.

Autoshot 9

you just left them in the camera within his reach? yeah ydi

Nightwing98 22

I'm wondering if OP's son would consider selling them online.

Lmao! He's smart! Men are pigs. Be more carful. And good for you for apparently being a milf! ;-)

unknown_user5566 26

1- He could be selling them cheap at first, to get all his little classmates interested. Then when he went to sell round 2 of the photos, he could inflate the price due to high demand. Brilliant!

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58- There's no point in complaining or even pointing it out. Accept it, because everyone is going to do it anyways.

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Dude ur profile pic is amazing

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37 - That's exactly why kids need to go to school. So they know how to be good in a business.

CountMango 5

And that's why you take better care to hide things like that...

Or just don't take sexy pictures for your husband??

unknown_user5566 26

15- Nope, wrong answer. Sexy photos are a great way to flirt with your spouse to keep things interesting. I agree with the initial comment- just hide the evidence a bit better.

Set him up with PayPal account, it's about time they go online.

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OP's kid is exploiting the fact that most 12 year olds probably can't access free **** like adults can. Well played, kid. Well played.

61 when I was 12 my fave was Madison ivy ... Then I got a girlfriend at 13 and at 14 I went back to Madison

Back in my day we only had to pay a nickel. Damn economy.

Don't take pictures like that. Problem solved. Or, hide the camera from him, or delete them once done with them.

the_anti_hipster 7

Yeah, I'm actually pretty sure this is the most blatant "YDI" I've seen in a while. Smart move, like the politicians and destroy all evidence. The smart ones do, at least

Oh aren't you so smart!! Theres nothing wrong with taking pictures for your husband and even if her son had accidentally found them I'm pretty sure it was not expected for him to sell them....

the_anti_hipster 7

Don't want pictures sold? Don't take them. The point I was making is to BE CAREFUL with them if you're going to take them. There's nothing wrong with it, but if they fall into the wrong hands, YDI. I never understand why celebs are so surprised when their sex tapes are sold...if you're that worried about it getting out, protect it better than hiding it under your bed. JMO.

The celebs like the attention. If you think about it, celeb sex tapes only come out when the celeb has been out if the news for awhile, most of the time

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My favorite app is hide it pro for this issue, so it won't happen to me

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LMAO adding to my favorites lol

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Then go buy one. You must be out of your mind if you really think I'd give you one of mine.

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Ok, someone needs to find me a damn cookie RIGHT NOW, or shit is going to get crazy up in here. You can't just offer cookies like it's nothing... that's serious business! ;)

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I enjoy your profile Hotcaligirl. In fact it pretty much made my night. Kylee- I heard the frantic in your comment I feel ******* bad about the cookie I'm eating right now.

lacespace 8

Haha no tard her about me is hilarious

Why does 49 have so many thumbs down?! 1. She's hott. 2. Who doesn't love cookies!

121. An interesting phenomenon called the acceptable "crazy to hot" ratio slope.

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Pregnant woman here now craving cookies! Thanks guys!!!!! :-/

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49 is damn right disgusting, and she is trying way to hard

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154- Who pissed in your cheerios this morning?

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if your profile pic is you, you are NOT a hotcaligirl!!! LOL justsayinn

This is getting out of hand. *Keeps my cookies to myself* I only share with people who can get a long.

You should help him out, teach him the value of making a real profit. "Son, a buck isn't going to cut it"

Chibitalia180 6

He was probably using supply and demand. The more he has, the cheaper it is. When sales go up raise the prices!

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You should probably hide that camera & those pictures a bit better next time..

perdix 29

They're paying a dollar for "suggestive?" Idiots! There's free full-motion **** all over the Internet, and I'll bet the fake MILFs are somewhat hotter than you, with all due respect.

That might be true, but pornhub isn't always the place to find videos of a classmate's mom.

a_lenzmeier 11

I agree. I always wondered if I was the only one to wonder what the people I knew looked like naked.

flockz 19

oh wait seeing through people's clothing isn't considered normal?

unknown_user5566 26

Flockz, of course not. You have to buy 25 cent xray glasses from the back of a comic book first. Duh. ;)

flockz 19

ok ya i always wondered why no one else found it weird how perdix is so unnaturally hairy. especially his ass.

flockz, I bet he's going to make a sweater, so he needs to grow lots and lots of hair.

I see where you are coming from perdix... I will say, however, that there is something just a little better about seeing a girl whom you actually see in real life naked, rather than some chick on the Internet you will never meet. Especially someone's mom... I wonder if these kids realize how much leverage they will have other this boy in about 3 years...

perdix 29

#128, I agree with you mostly, but I'm not paying a dollar for "suggestive." I could go as high as $1.23 for naked (full-frontal), so whatta you got? For the record, I'm not very hairy. In fact, I'd be way below average if not for my ears -- thank goodness for the diesel-powered personal trimmer.

a_lenzmeier 11

Parenting fail. Save to flash drive and hide it. Simple, easy, and relatively cheap. (insert ***** jokes here).

Is it bad that I can't think of a good ***** joke?

"What do you hear at night? Whoremoans." Dammit, high school.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

What a whorrible thing to joke about.

at least hes not putting the pictures on the internet

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unknown_user5566 26

30- It's a fair assumption to make, since the FML didn't say OP found out her son was posting the photos online.

However, the son is selling pics to his classmates so who knows what happens to those photos. It is quite possible at least one copy will find itself online.

unknown_user5566 26

Good point, Welshite. Well OP, looks like you might become a star. Look out YouPorn, here comes mama!