By Kulcha - 13/02/2009 11:07 - Australia

Today, I was expelled from school. By my own mother. FML
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Flora_fml 6

Are you home-schooled?

lol, my mom used to work at my school... It was the WORST


lol, my mom used to work at my school... It was the WORST

WHO THINKS HE DISERVED IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The same number of people who say FYL

ouch_ouch 0

sheesh what did you do?

Flora_fml 6

Are you home-schooled?

SoFarSoG00d 0


llololool that is funny sir

Maybe the mom is a principle or a vice-principle?

Dr_Phil 0

i call B.S. on this post.

thank you, #11.

ahahaha # 11

agreed with number three. but my friend has a m0m who works at her school and it suckkks! she knows everything

MukyDaCookie 0

ah well, she has to treat students equally. im sure you didnt just get expelled but also grounded

hahaha that sucks ass

tact_fml 0

You dont get special treatment just cause your mom works at the school. Thats a pussy thing to think.

Right. Just cause your mom is there doesn't mean you can get away with murder? Although sometimes your parents will be more harsh on you to prove there is no special treatment.