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  saIty  |  17

Someone took his milk and cookies. What really set him off though was when the other kid said Santa was fake. Stupid kid was just asking for it.

  iShanny  |  13

Yeah, I work in an after school program, and one of our first graders got suspended last week for slapping another little girl in the face. It was for one day. It's actually not that uncommon, some kids just have a rough time in school especially if they don't really get enough structure and discipline at home.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

These days teachers and administrators don't have a lot of choice when it comes to punishment. You give a detention and the next day you have an angry parent screaming at you. So many parents blame teachers for poor marks when they bring their children home from school and plunk them in front of the television or computer instead of helping them with homework. When I was in school, suspension was one step below expulsion, kids were TERRIFIED of getting suspended. Now it's no big deal. It's more of a punishment to the parents who have to figure out what to do with their kid while the kid is suspended.

Zero tolerance policies have a lot to do with this phenomenon, too. Zero tolerance violence policies - a violent act is an automatic suspension. I got beaned on the head with a wooden brick by another kid in kindergarten, and the punishment he got was to not be allowed to play with the bricks for a week, and apologize to me. These days he'd have been suspended and probably sent to a child psychologist. It's nutters.

  coducks  |  5

A lot of kids at my old high school tried getting suspended.. So during my junior year, they came out with in school suspension.. Sat in a small room all day and did the work you would have if you were in regular class, but with no help.

  hunterluv1  |  20

My cousin was raised in a home with fighting parents and bad morals. She got suspended in 1st grade because she punched a boy that said he liked her... Guess she didn't like him back, haha

  ericb982  |  8

Once, in 3rd grade, a kid lied and said I threatened to kill her. I got suspended. My parents wouldn't listen and grounded me for a year. Fuck them...

  DracoSpirita  |  21

Or, you know, you could actually think out a good comment and not waste one trying to get first comment by saying something like "Wow!" or "Lolz nicee.."

  DontClickOnMe  |  28

Oops, that was supposed to be for the person under you that said "no comment" and now their comment got deleted so I look like an idiot. Just thumb me down please and carry on.

  Pyapi  |  20

Oil Field? You need a certain level of intelligence to work there! Just leave those who have swag at McDonald's, where they deserves to be.

By  RedPillSucks  |  31

Kids start young now adays, although sometimes they get suspended for stupid stuff too.

Kids have gotten suspended for wearing religious pins.
One girl got suspended for having a nose ring (not in kindergarten though)

  lilhellian  |  26

It really is fucking stupid what some people get suspended for.. Religious pins? Freedom of religion.. Piercings.. Unless like a religious school why suspend for that?