By Furbabies - 10/5/2021 06:01 - Canada

What a wuss

Today, a few few friends, along with my long-time crush of mine came over to my house so we could finish a school project. As soon as he stepped into my house, he went pale, turned heel, and refused to step foot in my house. Why? Because the bison taxidermy above my fireplace scares him. FML
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  Kraths  |  16

Ghoulish is having a three human skulls, four femurs, three fibula/tibia, a jar full of teeth and a jar of phalanges on the same shelf as unicorn figurines, family photos and edged weaponry

By  Jessika Jensen  |  7

Things like that creep a lot of people out. You could try to explain it? It's not like you killed the bison, and put the head on the wall. You could also try to ease them into it so they are not creeped out. It all depends on how much you like this person🤷‍♀️