By Miss<Younger>Beyoncé - 13/10/2014 08:13 - Namibia - Windhoek

Today, I was boxing up all my brother's old stuff to take to the attic. I came across a box, and without checking what was inside, I took it up, just to have it fall on my head, to then find out it was filled with dead baby hamsters. FML
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diving_fml 30

who keeps dead hamsters?

TanzWolf 26

What the fuck?


diving_fml 30

who keeps dead hamsters?

Biology majors?

Future serial killers

I agree. That's extremely creepy

simplysarcastics 26

I am a biology major and I do not keep any dead animals dude. °=°

Maybe he's into taxidermy.

OP's brother.

incoherentrmblr 21

I was wondering what happened to all the hamsters after those KIA car commercials...

People with very large reptiles; pythons, boas, big ass lizards, etc. Probably not true in this case though because I don't see any mention of them being frozen.

Her brother, apparently

Just be glad they weren't gerbils.

baby ones too

TanzWolf 26

What the fuck?

iAmPaul 49

Oh that's disgusting.

"Oh that's nasty" Cleveland Brown voice

I don't even..

Why can white girls only count odd numbers, because they can't even

Rawrshi 25

"Well, she's a guy, so... "

"Thank you people who say 'I can't even', for showing us that you can't even finish a sentence." - Jimmy Fallon's thank you notes.

I was referring to the joke all over tumblr haha or else I would've changed "can't" to "don't" as well :)

No. Just no.

missyfiona89 28

You mean you didn't smell anything funky? I mean, it must have smelled, and that should have prompted you to check. Right?

Once already decomposed there's no smell :(

Uhh I think you need to talk to your brother about that. You can also run, running is a good option too.

Of course you would say that Doctor!

Why.. Just why?

i hate it when that happens

Me too. It happens to me about every other week. Boxes of dead hamsters just keep showing up. FedEx really hates that I changed to UPS.

the hamster FMLs are back...