By ohhhgross - / Monday 26 October 2009 18:32 / Singapore
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Haha I swear I read this as "I was eating my younger sister". I might need some serious help >.< lol


something like that happened to me. i was talking and my friend randomly spit a spitball right in my mouth.


Dammit, Savannah... OP - How are you positioned to eat in a way that her clipped toenails fly in your mouth? Are you laying on the floor under her feet or something?


Except the last one was better because, if I remember correctly, it was homeless man's toenail who the poster was riding next to on the subway or something.

I'll bet her toenail was more nutritious than the junk food you were going to put in your mouth. Certainly, it would be crunchier. You can't beat toenails for crunch.

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