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Today, while helping my father build a shelf, I suggested that we should probably use the instruction manual. He suggested I should probably shut the fuck up and do it his way. FML
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Now pull up a chair and watch him ruin the parts

Your dads right. Real men don't use manuals!


Now pull up a chair and watch him ruin the parts

Never mess with a man and his tools once he has an idea in his head... He ain't changin his mind.

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What has FML come to?!? An FML about being told to shut up? Who HASN'T had that happen to them?!?

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Ya I agree with 1... Unless he's built it before, he's going to end up messing things up.

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My dad did the same with my basketball hoop... too bad when I dunked it the whole thing fell on me dislocating my shoulder. I refused to let him "fix" it and drove myself to the hospital. Damn his pride, thinking he knows how to build everything.

that is kind of man law. throw away the manual first thing ;)

54- No, that's stupid-**** law, but I'm hoping OP's dad said that because he knows exactly what he's doing and not because of flat out stupidity.

it was a joke, and it flew straight over your head

Dads *usually (60/40) know what they are doing, depending on what they do for a living. My dad is a carpenter/ construction super and he know shitloads. Meanwhile my friend's dad doesnt know what a drill bit is and isn't well educated.

Yeah but your dad would probably be building the shelf from scratch, no instruction manual in the first place. I'm thinking that the OPs dad doesn't know what he's doing if the OP felt it was necessary to suggest the manual and the Dad felt insulted enough to respond the way he did.

yeah thats sounds like it. Btw my dad built my whole 2 story house haha, except the plumbing, electrical, etc.

YAHH, And make him a sandwich while you're at it!

That sounds pretty neat actually. The best I can do is design houses in The Sims. >.>

67- I knew it was a joke. That is why I made a joke in return, which flew over your head.

I love building and sketching. It doesnt matter if your good, if your finished product is close to your idea, you did it right.

Ha! That's what I say to myself when I draw out character designs/outfits for my stories. "IT GETS THE POINT ACROSS!" - I still consider it really bad, haha. I'll stick with writing.

haha, well sorry man it didn't seem like a joke cause you said it was a stupid-**** law. no hard feelings, and story of the year is great in concert. cheers

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"He suggested I should probably shut the **** up and do it his way." That's what she said? :S

Since when have guys used instruction manuals?

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70- I thought it was "Can we fix it?"

Just what my father did. Usually by the end of it he was cursing the manufacturer for putting in extra bolts to confuse you.

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CAN WE FIX IT? NO IT'S ******! No, nobody has seen that.... Never mind

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The only thing I learnt from watching my dad is how to hold a light

132- To answer your question. "Bob the Builder Can we fix it? Bob the Builder Yes, we can! Scoop, Muck and Dizzy and Roley too Lofty and Wendy join the crew Pilchard and Bird, Travis and Spud Playing together like good friends should Bob the Builder Can we fix it? Bob the Builder Yes, we can! Hey! Time to get busy, such a lot to do Building and fixing till it's good as new Bob and the gang have so much fun Working together, they get the job done Can we build it? Yeah! Can we fix it? Yeah! Bob the Builder Can we fix it? Bob the Builder Yes, we can! (Yeah!)"

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132- yes but they were building the shelf not fixing it.

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How hard could it be to build a shelf?

Unless you are a psychiatrist he needs a bit more help than just yours.

Was it from Ikea? Cuz the instructions are all BS then.

Cuz? Surely op is not your cousin..... Ikea instructions are simple. A monkey could figure it out!!!

The instructions are easy but it NEVER turns out like the picture.

Thats because Ikea furniture is cheap. Not always in price, but in quality yes.

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I work at ikea.. They're easy as **** to read.. You must be a total f***ing retard to not be able to read those simple instructions..

Ikea's instructions are actually quite straightforward and, for the most part, precise. Those complaining that "it doesn't turn out that way" are most probably just ******* it up and should go back to Lego.

121- Why did you * out one of the F words in your comment but not the other?

Contrary to popular belief I'm actually literate and I can read thank you very much. Calling someone a "retard" on the Internet. That's really so childish it makes me chuckle

olpally 32

135 i try being civil.. don't worry about that.. 145-you can follow instructions(you being very literate and all) but you wouldn't be able to build it even after reading the instructions properly? explain that one to me smart one.. you may not be a retard, but you're an idiot, that's for sure..

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You responded when you could have let it go.

145 - You make me chuckle, win-win, I suppose?

Never once did I state that the instructions are difficult to follow. And I'm sure im not an idiot. It's very rude to insult people you barely know. Surely your parents taught you that?

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And this is relevant to the FML how?

#145..y don't you just shut the f*** up already you always say stupid comments. No one likes you!

I have lots of non virtual people that like me. I don't need approval from pixels. :)

Margie, just ignore them and stop replying. There is no pleasing them. There is always that person on FML who picks one comment which they think is weak or dumb and then everyone else follows; pummeling it to-no-end. So no matter what you say, the FMLers will hold a grudge against you for eternity. So just leave it alone. Thanks for reading; just trying to make peace! :)

Don't you guys remember Margie from the other FML? There was like this huge discussion about true love haha

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Well, add me to your list of virtual people who don't like you.

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Well, add me to your list of virtual people who don't like you.

You've got to be the most ugliest person I've ever seen.

How in the world can someone be so ugly?

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198 - I've seen witty/ charming FMLers turn it around. She is neither.

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Some of you people on FML really need to learn to shut the **** up and stop harassing others.

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145 - I think when 121 said what they did. I believe they were speaking about people in general. Not you. But hey if I'm wrong, then I'm wrong and it doesn't matter. But you can't take shit so seriously on the internet.

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Hey, everyone, 60 agrees with 5!!

That's like trying to give a man a map!

7, giving a guy a map is fine. The problems begin when we are given driving instructions....then we actually ask for a map.

No, no, I know exactly where we are. We'll be home in less than an hour.

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It's more like trying to get a dude to ASK for directions....

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Hahaha! That's exactly how it is. Men are stubborn.

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Or telling him to make his own damn sandwich..

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I'm a woman and don't use manuals. I'm fact my dad tells me to haha

Your dads right. Real men don't use manuals!

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Real men don't give two flying-squirrels what other people think of them whether it be because they RTFM or because they bite off chicken's heads.

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Sorry guys, I wasn't paying attention (too busy building shit without manuals) What did I miss?

Real men don't need to ask for directions either, huh...

Wait till he screws up, then blow it in his face! XD

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I feel that would be kinda awkward with ones dad...

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When it falls on him, you will get the last laugh

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It's a shelf. Half a dozen parts and a dozen fasteners with pre drilled holes. (Assuming its ikea or some such) Are FMLers really stupid enough to need directions for that?

What if it's not IKEA and isn't one of those shelves where every last little thing is prepared for the purchaser? I can see a few in my house right now that you probably wouldn't be able to assemble just by looking at all the bits spread out on the floor. Not everyone buys their furniture from IKEA. Assuming one way or the other is really pointless though, so it's better to not.

TheDrifter 23

Let me revise that. It's a SHELF. They are not complicated, the design should be common sense to anyone looking at the collection of parts.