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Today, I arrived home. I'd left for a business trip 5 days earlier, and trusted my husband with our young boys. As soon as I stepped in the door, I noticed my son had thinner hair than when I'd left. He then showed me an empty container of Nair. FML
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Child : what's this daddy? (holding nair) What child heard daddy say *'that's what daddy uses on his head'* What daddy actually said "that's what daddy uses, so he gets head"

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Maybe you shouldn't leave the nair within the child's reach. Just sayin'...


Are you trying to say it's the husbands fault?

Well if they're very young, they shouldve been supervised. But if they're over 6 or 7, then it's the boys own fault.

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At least they weren't hurt, coulda been worse

I'm sure it's hard to supervise two young boys, they're probably pretty wild at that age. Not that I'm saying it's an excuse for them to misbehave! But part of the blame also lies with the mother, who I'm going to assume was the proud owner of said Nair.

Psh. Who cares about the hair, the house was still standing.

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I'd say it was a winning situation. The house is standing, none of them are dead, hair grows back, and you returned safetly to your family.

#7 is right, could have been worse. Kid could have drank it instead of using it.

I think what the real FML here for her is the fact that her husband is not responsible enough to take care of the boys without her. BUT it is a funny story to remind the kid about when he's older lol my mom would ask me if I remember when (insert childhood story) and I would laugh and wonder what went through my young head!

You can only keep a leash so short on a child. They will and do get into trouble. The kid getting into nair would take all but a few minutes of being alone, especially if they found it while using the restroom. To blame the husband is silly.

#29 - Actually, that product (Nair) can do some serious damage and I doubt the child used it as instructed on the bottle since he thought it was a good idea to use it on his head. Those chemicals burn away the hair and its imperative that the directions are followed (IE on the skin for no more than 10 minutes or you start getting chemical burns.) Also, it causes hair to grow back thinner/less each time it is used, so the child could have done permanent damage to his hair. The fact of the matter is, if the Dad wasn't paying attention to the son to see that he was playing with dangerous chemicals, imagine if the child had ingested it rather that just slathering it all over his head!

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its ok #65 guys dont need hair

How is it the mothers fault? She left on a business trip and left her trustworthy husband in charge. She had no choice but to leave. Her fault how?

Its never the hussbands fault..

Well duhh it isn't the hussbands fault, because hussbands don't exist.

Excuse me... But I believe it is spelt hußbands.

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It's never the whyves fault either

Wow... Such a big fuss about what was obviously a typo

32- Hundred bucks says a world war starts someday because some idiot sends an email with a typo.

#60 You wouldn't have to say that if you had spell checked.

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It's always the womens fault lol

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Maybe you shouldn't leave the nair within the child's reach. Just sayin'...

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Does no body on here realize how curios kids are? OP didn't have to have it "in reach" for the child to get to the Nair. The son was probably digging in a cabinet or climbing on top of a counter. I'd also like to point out that anyone thinking the husband messed up everything is not correct. OP's husband might have been dealing with the other son while this son was going on a scavenger hunt.

If your kids are young like aforementioned, then understandable on being so curious. But if you're talking about like 15 year old... I would be worried.

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59- I agree but the FML says "young boys." If they were around 15 the FML would probably say "teenage boys."

how old is he? probably did it himself

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Of course! Him and his friends were having a prank war and filming it for YouTube. Ahh YouTube where the masses go to get their 15 mins. of shame and fame.

Well, it wasn't the father! Last I checked men only shave their heads, while nair and waxing is left to us ladies.

He wanted to make cancer people not feel alone.

What kind of comment is that you fucktard?? How is that even meant to be funny? Clearly you have no idea what a cancer patient goes through!

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What gay guys use one their assholes so they can get their salads tossed... what? was that offensive? My bad "urkle voice"

I would've said "get their salad dressed", but then again I probably wouldn't have posted that.

Why do people always attack the gays? Like really, it's not funny at all...

gays dont belong in america. just my views. it isnt natural, and its quite disturbing,

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No. It isn't. You know what really is disturbing, though? The number of LGBT kids that kill themselves because of prejudiced cavemen like you.

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#53 how did gays get brought up???

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Kids do stupid stuff. Especially when non-kid stuff is in reach. Keep him away from stuff like bleach and rat poison.

Stupid? Kids are like mini geniuses. They do things that no one else would think was possible. Using Nair on our heads is going to be the new thing, just you wait.

Child : what's this daddy? (holding nair) What child heard daddy say *'that's what daddy uses on his head'* What daddy actually said "that's what daddy uses, so he gets head"

Your husband is a complete **** up. Obviously he wasn't paying attention and this could have been prevented. I'm sorry OP

In five seconds a kid can do a lot more than just get away with using a bottle of Nair. I doubt OP's husband was encouraging the situation so he can record it and post it to YouTube. Give a guy a break.

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I really dislike feminist assholes like you. Not all feminist, just assholes feminist like you.

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At least he's a boy and boys tend to atleast shave their heads anyway. For a girl, that'd be disastrous. Try not leaving that stuff out with mischievious boys around next time.