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Today, my sister announced that she had gotten engaged. I was happy for her until I found out she's marrying the guy who relentlessly bullied me all through high school. FML
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i dont get it? u didnt know him be4 she got engaged?

i definatly feel bad for you


i definatly feel bad for you

yeah uh.. sorry about that. your tuna sandwich you got for lunch looked good. but yea suck it up it was High school, he's changed. and you should be less of a pussy.

What does definatly mean?

I definitely feel worse knowing that you can't spell definitely.

Ten plus years later, and you're still being a pussy about it. Maybe this is why you got bullied.

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How the heck do you know that it was 10+ years ago? You don't. So shut up.

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kinda like that movie...what was it called you again?

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You have no way of knowing that he's changed.

xosportsgirl14x 8

You don't know that he's changed.

hmm, let's see, high school is obviously in past tense in the fml, so it was a while ago, op was bullied, so he was an easy target, after high school people finish puberty. they change physically, and sometimes mentally, I'm sure his sisters fiancé doesn't even remember the guy, or he would have already been acquainted with him.

With the rate of young people marrying earlier and earlier, you can't assume that it's been 10 years since OP was in high school. They could have very well graduated last year for all you know? Now, I've had my fair share of bullies, and four years following graduation, with the wonderful tool that is the internet, they still find ways to target me with these horrible method known as 'Trolling'. You have too much faith in humanity if you really believe that all bullies change their stripes just because they graduated...

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15- who takes a picture of their shit? i tend to use mine as deoderant but ive never thought of takin pictures of it...

38 has the right idea. Some people change! I'd give the guy a chance.

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let's just say it means flush your toilet

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Your'e right he was probably inmature at th time she should really give him a chance

I gagged when I looked at 15's pic...

i dont get it? u didnt know him be4 she got engaged?

yeah, how could you not know who your own sister is dating before she gets engaged? strange...

that's what i was thinking..

some people don't talk about their significant someone to the family unless they wanted to become official. My brother didn't tell our parents until months after the engagement and a month before the wedding

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omg!! exactly what i was thinking!

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this reminds me of You Again.

you can be bullied for the rest of your life now FYL

People can change. Just because he used to be a bully doesn't mean he is one now. for all you know he could regret it. He might be just as nervous as you.

People can change. Just because he used to be a bully doesn't mean he is one now. for all you know he could regret it. He might be just as nervous as you.

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wait till he walks up to OP like "Hey!...I bruttally ****** your sister last night"

that was high school. i'm sure he's forgotten about it. worst case scenario, you can tell your sister she's marrying a douchebag :)

not that she would care... she is his sister, after all...

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I think you better stay on her good side or she'll release him on to you!!!!


aw look on the brightside...maybe he's forgotten!!

I'm pretty sure that would make OP feel worse...

this sounds like a movie

it is a movie!!

it's a movie called "you again" :)

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dont let him bully you anymore! a tire iron to his teeth, is what he should get the next time he bullys you.

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you deserve it for not putting your foot down back in highschool

o that always happens, haven't you seen that one movie idk what it's called at the moment

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I love your picture.

Haha t's called You Again