By DQB - 24/05/2009 02:17 - Canada

Today, I pulled up to a stoplight and blew past the car beside me to merge into one lane. About 30 seconds later, I ran out of gas right in front of them. We were on a bridge, and I had to push my car all the way across. FML
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LMAO . Karma's a bitch .

christopherlove 0

I hate inconsiderate drivers, so YDI of course.


LMAO . Karma's a bitch .

luis420 0

lol this is funny put a funny picture in my head people should smoke weed and read fml's so funny

lol. it would suck if the bridge opened while u were on it.

It could have been worse so quit wining

Wining? You mean whining? I doubt op is winning Any race here

christopherlove 0

I hate inconsiderate drivers, so YDI of course.

I don't think anyone stopped to consider that maybe OP was in a hurry in order to get to the gas station faster...

YDI - Not paying attention to your gas level. I'm not a scientist, but I'm going to say the other guy ended up winning this one.

Was the light for an empty tank not on? How did you not realize you were about to run out of gas? YDI.

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Way to fail.

noshitsherlock 0

wow, so smart. OBVIOUSLY you should have re-fueled before it got to that point. You deserve it!!!!

Are you sure you didn't proceed to run out of gas? Because that would probably negate your stupidity in not checking your gas meter. And then you had to proceed to push your car over a bridge, much manlier course of action. I shall now procees to press the YDI button.

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Nice work! ;_;

I'm assuming that the flashing gas sign didn't get your attention

That teaches you for being a stupid driver. Serves you right.