By soakedga - 08/04/2013 16:56 - United States - Statesboro

Today, I was working the night shift at the hotel. One of my tasks is to clean out the pool robot. While trying to pull it up, I got pulled in. I had to hide naked in the laundry room for an hour while I put my uniform through the dryer. FML
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soakedga tells us more.

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OP here- yeah I did wrap up in a sheet. No extra uniforms that I could get to- they were all locked in the GM's office. And I'm a woman small enough to be pulled into the pool by a cleaning robot. Oh- there was a camera that I managed to avoid for the most part, but my boss did get a kick out of seeing me trying not to let the sheet fall while I shoved my clothes in the dryer.

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I'm impressed all this without getting caught. A+ for you mister


Op will get confused as someone else..

There might have been some, however may not have been in the laundry room.

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I'm gonna say no... unless he's used to hiding naked in the laundry room and that's his happy place :-)

We don't. But if Original Poster were a male or female, the kink factor the robot pulled on them was still nice.

17- I don't always comment on people's pictures, but when I do, it's because it made their comment oh-so much sweeter.

Or at least a towel? Or some sheets... Toga time!

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Just like spongebob he lost his identity

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If there is a pool wouldn't there be towels near by?

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Robots are slowly taking over the world!

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Everybody run for your lives! Robots are taking over the world...our world!

"Hello! You've reached the Navy's automation telephone service..." THE ROBOTS ARE RUNNING THE NAVY!

There's got to be a better way. Surely your work had spare uniforms just in case. Hopefully theres no security feeds in the laundry room and no one ever finds out.

The robot saw it and is now probably scarred for life.

I'm impressed all this without getting caught. A+ for you mister

We've found the ninja that would show up on people's roofs to point at others then disappear.

This is clearly just the first stage. Next thing you know, Skynet's gonna go live.

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Skinny dipping with a robot ftw!

Don't tempt it to activate the filter on you...

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You should've taken a page out of Borat and run around the hotel stark naked, but hiding works too...

I think there is a big difference in doing that when you are patronizing a hotel vs. working at the hotel.

I would have wrapped myself up in a clean bed sheet if there wasn't spare uniforms. You know, walk around in a toga waiting for the uniform to dry. It's better than being naked at work.

Agreed. I also work the night shift at a hotel. I have had my pants get soaked and had to wear only underwear from the waist down. I would have never gone naked and would have at the very least worn a towel of sheet.

You're off the deep end... Because you're telling me you couldn't find any towels or spare clothes or sheets or /anything/?

Op really got thrown off the diving board this time.

At least they would have had bath robes.

I agree with number 9! Get a wire sheet and cut some eye holes on it, then if anyone enters the room you can scare them out!

At least it was the less busy night shift so it'd be easier to hide. Day shift would have been horrible.