By soakedga - United States - Statesboro
Today, I was working the night shift at the hotel. One of my tasks is to clean out the pool robot. While trying to pull it up, I got pulled in. I had to hide naked in the laundry room for an hour while I put my uniform through the dryer. FML
soakedga tells us more :
OP here- yeah I did wrap up in a sheet. No extra uniforms that I could get to- they were all locked in the GM's office. And I'm a woman small enough to be pulled into the pool by a cleaning robot. Oh- there was a camera that I managed to avoid for the most part, but my boss did get a kick out of seeing me trying not to let the sheet fall while I shoved my clothes in the dryer.
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By  jelly713  |  19

I would have wrapped myself up in a clean bed sheet if there wasn't spare uniforms. You know, walk around in a toga waiting for the uniform to dry. It's better than being naked at work.

  ballpython  |  15

Agreed. I also work the night shift at a hotel. I have had my pants get soaked and had to wear only underwear from the waist down. I would have never gone naked and would have at the very least worn a towel of sheet.