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Today, my sister got married. For the second time. She's 30. Two men have loved her enough to cry over their vows to her. Every single person there asked me why I wasn't married yet. FML
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Your sister had a failed marriage already by 30. You're jealous? Try holding out for someone decent. Anyone can just go around marrying everyone who will give them the time of day. That's nothing to envy.


she has bigger boobs? Never hurts to analyse your strengths and weaknesses, y'know...

Im more of a leg/ass person, gotta have a sweet jiggly ass to slap. Face doesnt hurt either.

Face can hurt...a lot. Have you never seen Paris Hilton? I know lots of people whose faces hurt.

"...He’s on the dance floor yelling Freebird Singing off pitch but he knows every word Grabs him a girl and he holds on tight He’s chasing everything in sight..." Because when you're drunk, faces don't hurt

I need a small, tight, pinchable ass and a decent chest to play with... but seriously, tell them to **** off as its none of their goddamn business.

Well, since everyone is talking about the female body, I think I'll balance it out. I need some nice abs and pecs, a nice firm butt, gorgeous face, and of course the perfect, looooooong.... hair.

Intoxicunt, that sounds like a guy (me), not a girl!!

Um, duhh? I did say I was balancing it out, as in posting my ideal male body to balance out the fact everyone was mentioning their ideal female body.

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Intoxicunt, don't forget the back. I love a nice ass and back. He also has to have great... hands. I was going to say moves, but if we are building the perfect sex god guy then it would be implied he knows how to use what the good lord gave him. And if he looked like you said, then he is a good lord indeed.

Agreed! I'm mostly an abs and arms girl, personally, but the total package is best. And speaking of package, well, that goes without saying.

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Mercy... it goes without saying, but not without praise. Depending on the quality of the package. If mine does not get delivered over night then I am a very grumpy girl.

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My brother has long hair and could use a girlfriend. ;)

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But does he look good in breeches, an unbuttoned shirt and take pictures for the cover of books standing in front of a fan with a scantily clad girl?

Nope. You got me there. Fabio is married though, I think.

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Crap, I hope you girls keep this to yourself. I really don't like tight pants or long hair and if this is the new in thing I might have to apologize for making fun of Pride and Prejudice to my cousin.

"...My heart has a history Of hurtin' those who mean the most to me Before you get too close to me I think you oughta know While other hearts are holdin' on While other loves are growin' strong My heart has a history of lettin' go..."

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"Most relationships seem so transitory They're all good but not the permanent one Who doesn't long for someone to hold Who knows how to love you without being told Somebody tell me why I'm on my own If there's a soulmate for everyone.."

Dont feel bad I'm thirty years young and I have yet to to finf mr right...

Its cool ur time will come....the first four answers are obviously from guys such pervs

We're not pervs, we just want you to show us ya ****

Maybe you can hook up with her first ex-husband... if you're into guys who cry when they get married.

So everyone at the wedding is surprised no one has married you. Sounds like a compliment, they should've saved their breath.

It seems to say all the single people asked her. Weird.

Your sister had a failed marriage already by 30. You're jealous? Try holding out for someone decent. Anyone can just go around marrying everyone who will give them the time of day. That's nothing to envy.

Seconded! Why the hell would you be jealous of a thirty year old for already being divorced? Two guys have cried over their vows? Big deal. Doesn't mean shit when one of them ended up not being able to stand her.

Agreed. OP has nothing to be ashamed of, only her sister does.

This requires me to quote a text from last night: "Apparently mid ******** I started crying telling her how "Wonderful this ******** is"" Yes, it is THAT important.

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Don't feel bad, better to still be looking than to be on your second time round imo!