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  Bubblebeam  |  0

Uhm... i don't know if you guys are aware, but you can do just about anything in your sleep. I tend to have conversations with people if they try to wake me, apparently so intelligent that they believe me. Then they refer to it later, normally because something i say is a little off, and i dont remember anything about it what so ever :p

  nij  |  0

#5 yup your wrong. I know someone that does that and it happens usually after he gets drunk and passes out. Its scary and funny at the same time.


dumba** it means her sis usually sleepwalks but instead she sleepwalked and wet the ned xcept not a bed, a laundry baaket. she slepwalked and used the laundry basket as a toilet.

  thatonek1d  |  0

I know someone who slepwalked ovr to there closet. opened it. then sleep pissed in their closet. He closed the closet and returned to bed. In the morning he was like, "what happened to my closet!?!?!?!"

  rawrsaur19  |  0

I don't know about you, but I bring my clothes in from the line in a basket, fold them and then put them back in the basket to take upstairs.
Seems pretty simple and common to me. :)

Poor OP, lock her in a closet next time.

  Sadochan  |  0

Well, sorrrry that you fucking Americans have an "awesome" lifestyle from all the others. It's for the ease of putting clean clothes away, fucktard.

By  sorcerersinger  |  0

who keeps a clean clothes basket? unless you folded clean laundry that night, put it in a basket, and decided to wait to fold it until the next morning, in which case you're lazy, so you deserve it.