By ididn'tevendoanythingwrong - 10/02/2015 18:05 - United States - Tampa

Today, my roommates told me they want me to move out of our apartment. We would have never gotten the apartment without my credit score, and most of the furniture is mine. FML
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chillandfun 12

Take all the furniture with you. If it's yours than there's nothing they can do. After that they'll regret asking you to move out.


True, they can't kick you out like that. If they do, take all your furniture with you, they'll probably ask you to stay.

ColonelCusswords 24

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I'd leave, but take all my furniture with me, as well as notify the building manager/landlord that I was moving out, so they should do a credit re-evaluation on the remaining tenants.

chillandfun 12

Take all the furniture with you. If it's yours than there's nothing they can do. After that they'll regret asking you to move out.

That's true #16, but if they only got the apartment because of OP's credit score, then they'll probably get kicked out. Taking the furniture would just an added bonus of revenge.

If their name is on the lease then that contributes to their credit score and rental history so they may actually have a good scoring now after living there. So take your furniture and request your bond back from the real estate

incoherentrmblr 21

Break the lease if won't affect your credit score and won't cost too much to do...

And inform the landlord. If it was your score that did it, the landlord won't want them there. You also don't want to leave people like that with a lease in your name. Take everything, OP. Everything. And have your friends help so they can't keep you from taking your stuff. Get as many big guys as you can to back you up.

@33, keeping that in mind, they might only have asked him to share the apartment with them because of his credit score. They probably had every intention of kicking him out after the lease was signed

Actually, no. Leave and take all your things with you. They'll see how much they need you after a week. Make them BEG! :)

And after they beg, still don't go back. Those assholes can fend for themselves after that.

The only thing I'm baffled about is: why would they want to get rid of their doormat? OP, start standing your ground there!

Get going, take your furniture and leave them lonely!

Take the furniture to your new place and laugh when they get kicked out once the landlord finds out

That the tenants without the nice credit score are the ones living there! Also, I'm sure OP is the one whose name is on most of the paperwork. The roommates should be the ones to move, actually.

Stitch_626 13

You should take the furniture with you

Move out. Take everything. Find better, cooler roommates!

If it's your credit check that was used, doesn't that mean you have to stay for the lease? Get those 'friends' out and get others in!!

Anyone over 18 has their credit and background run and therefore is put on the lease. The better the credit the lower the deposit. So all of them would be on the lease unless otherwise noted. I know this because I just got an apartment and every one we looked at did the same thing. And depending on the lease you're kind of screwed but maybe she can talk to management