By that makes me a sad panda - 19/05/2014 21:44 - Sweden - Ume

Today, my landlord's control issue got out of control when I got a call telling me I have "too much stuff" and have to move out of the apartment. I sold all my furniture when I moved in and all I currently own is a scratch post, a chair and a pair of curtains. FML
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I'd show him how much stuff you actually have and ask for his suggestion on how you could minimise this further.

What, not even a bed!? OP are you a cat?


oh wow...try living somewhere else?

or, how did you not realize this when moving in? and im just curious why you sold all your things to move into a new place? thats crazy. a home isnt a home without things.


I'd show him how much stuff you actually have and ask for his suggestion on how you could minimise this further.

Well for starters, OP could bend the landlord over and shove the post up his ass.

zimripple 8

Sounds like the landlord just wants OP out and will say whatever he wants as an excuse...

The landlord: just sit on the damn floor!

Was he in the apartment? If so you should have thrown him out and told him he was taking up too much space.

Yep, I can see that going down real well and improving the situation for the OP... (that was dripping with sarcasm for those that are still waking up)

we all got the sarcasm without the explanation, 12

shyeahh_fml 19

I don't blame 12 for explicitly stating it was sarcasm. People on this site tend to completely miss the sarcasm in posts and that results in unnecessary down votes, so when 12 made a note of his sarcasm, most likely to avoid down votes, he got down voted. I don't get it.

If you have to say you're using sarcasm, you're doing it wrong.

Hate to see what his room looks like.

Empty, he even took out the carpet because it was making the place to crowded.


What, not even a bed!? OP are you a cat?

No. Just a very sad panda apparently

I bet that's some rough sex.

Yes, that's why one of the only things he owns is a scratching post.

AllThatXO 8

That's a mess! I recommend you leave and take your 3 items with you. He will surely miss your rent…if you paid on time.

So you don't even have a bed, yet you have a scratching post? Yeah, the landlord seems pretty unfair, but I think you might wanna get your priorities in order too.

I assume OP rented a furnished flat and the landlord does not like extra stuff besides his own.

I'm guessing if you have a scratch post, it means you have a cat & THAT is the landlords real underlying issue. If you don't have a cat, but still feel the need for a scratch post, then, er... OP, I think YOU may be the cause for concern ;)

I also got the impression that the flat was furnished already But... Just because the OP doesn't own "furniture" doesn't mean she doesn't have a bunch of stuff, such as books, clothes, shoes, magazines/newspapers etc.... There's got to be some sort of stuff there that she's not telling us.

move out! you don't need him OP!

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The apartment was probably already furnished. But you should still be able to bring personal items

Indianboy9321 25

I would suggest just living somewhere else, because I can't imagine he is going to change any time soon.