By Epic_failz - United States - Jackson
Today, my manager accused me of stealing $20. I didn't do it, but since she said she was going to call the cops, I gave her some of my own money. She still called the cops. FML
Epic_failz tells us more :
There are no cameras in that all, its stupid as hell, but there is not a single camera in there.
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  Patriots21  |  14

Yeah, let's just sue over every fucking issue. It's jackasses like you that are the problem here, flooding the system, frivolous lawsuits, dumbass mindsets, hoping to get money out of any little situation you can.

  Aethyn  |  2

I believe there are separate courts specially designed to deal with cases like this. You can hardly flood a system that is made to handle overflow.

Furthermore, if OP got fired, for something he/she didn't do, that should be grounds for a lawsuit.

That is unless OP lives in one of those states where employers can terminate at will.

  rocketgurl  |  15

Thank you. A lot of lawsuits aren't out of necessity but if you get fired from a job or arrested and charged over something you were wrongly accused of, that is legitimate grounds for a lawsuit

  OhWhoCares  |  42

I kind of agree. OP, even though you might not have took the money, giving $20 to her made you seem guilty. Since your boss sounds like the stereotypical evil whack job you'll probably lose your job. I hope you don't but even if you don't get fired, you might want to consider quitting since I don't think you really want to go back after that.

  Charles900  |  16

It doesn't help. If she thinks OP is guilty, she can fire him/her regardless of whether or not she has any proof. When you're an at-will employee, you can be fired for any reason; no cause is necessary.

By  aruden  |  25

Giving her your money was a bad idea, that being said does not price your guilt. You were presherd into it, just like people being interrogated and falsely admitting to things.