By Anonymous - 15/04/2015 14:32 - United Kingdom - Kettering

Today, my roommate wants to kick me out because I can't afford to pay my share of the rent this month. I couldn't afford to, because I had to pay for repairs to my car after my roommate got drunk, stole my keys, and crashed it into a street light. FML
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Shouldn't you have made him pay for the car?

Wouldn't he not Remember the Cause of your car. Due to him being drunk. So it's gonna be hard for op to explain.

Doesn't matter he caused the damage, therefore he should take responsibility and pay for the repairs.

If it was okay to not remember or keep responsibility because of being drunk, the world would be a much worse place.

Shadowvoid 33

That's not baseline drunk, that's plastered beyond the stars and moon. If he got that drunk he probably can't afford rent wither unless the drinks were free ?

Not entirely sure how the cops weren't called if he crashed into a street light.. And if they were how is his insurance not paying it? If he doesn't have insurance.. Umm you should have a police report and more than enough cause/proof to sue his ass for the cost of repairs! YDI for not taking the proper action and letting him, probably, bully, or manipulate, you into paying for something you can't be held accountable for. Also, get new friends, sounds like he's a total dick!

knoxxx 22

I totally agree that OP should take some legal action but even if his roommate had insurance, he wouldn't be insured to drive his roommates car, especially not while under the influence. They wouldn't cover any of that.

@67 welp, I'm not an insurance expert, so if I'm wrong I apologize, but I believe it would have to be paid out under liability, but like I said I'm not sure! Haha. Either way he can get his car paid by his roommate, whether it's by his insurance or by suing him!

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No one can accuse you of being Compassionate can they?

YDI for not making your roommate pay for the repair

it would be best for you to confront him about How you couldn't pay. Hell he should pay for the rest of the rent if that's How much your repairs are.

Well, your roommate stole your car, and was driving under the influence. I'm not one to condone blackmail...but blackmail that prick.

Why you paying for all this? It's his fault and he should be paying for that.

And you have ofcourse tried to explain your roommate the reason as to why you might not have the money this month? :-/ but to be honest your roommate should have payed the repair cost!! :-/ FYL op

However this turns out, it sounds like you need to find a new roommate anyway.