By Opheliae - 29/07/2013 16:47 - United States - Allendale

Today, I watched my boyfriend flirt with a cashier and write down his number for her, through the liquor store window, while I sat in the car waiting for him to finish buying things for our "romantic movie night." FML
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Opheliae tells us more.

Wow, I can't believe this got posted so soon, haha. Anyway, the beau had already purchased his beverage of choice earlier without getting anything for me, so we went back. I gave him cash to pay for my portion, which is why I know he didn't sign a credit card receipt because I watched him pay cash through the window. Not to mention they were smiling and talking for a solid 4 or 5 minutes, and he was on his way out when the cashier called him back, and that's when I saw him write it down. We've been exclusive for 8 months. Before that he had been single and livin' that bachelor life for nearly 4 years, so sometimes he gets out of line and I gotta reel him back in. When I asked him about it in the car, he said she was attending the same concert as us in the fall and wanted to meet up. When I told him my misgivings, he agreed and promised not to text her back if she contacted him. It's all good.

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And then you dumped him and took the liquor for yourself, right?

Smash open a bottle of beer on his dumbass head and leave him passed out in a gutter. Or just dump him, that works too


No you were actually one, albeit a sorry excuse of it.

Hey, at this exact moment (4:03 CST) you are negative six. So you're close?

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Keith Stone??? Smooth

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people it was a sarcasm

And then you dumped him and took the liquor for yourself, right?

And then hosted a massive party for FML users that we're all invited to?

If that were me, I would so do that.

Would you help me clean up afterward? I can picture it now... "Today, I woke up with a massive hangover and a trashed house. Last night, I invited the FML community over for a party at a fellow FML-er's urging. He not only puked on my couch and in my sink, but he refused to help clean up after he promised to days beforehand. FML"

Ain't no party like an FML party.

Hey, I'm offended. I'm great at cleaning up after myself! ;)

and then he sues you for property losses and potentially nervous shock

you are so evil -.-"

OMG OP, why would your bf flirt with another woman, ur so pretty

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Dump his sorry ass. What a jerk :/

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I don't think there is enough info in this fml. Maybe checking with the cashier to see what happened would be smart before makin any rash moves.

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What is with the shitty men in todays FML's geez. OP tell slimeball to keep the number for a cheap dinner date with her. You deserve WAY better

Well this is FML, unfortunately most of the men that are FML'd about are shitty. There are a some that are funny and cool, but most are shitty.

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What about all the shitty women, also? Women are just as bad. It's not always the guys

That's just as true, but we're talking about men because it applies directly to this specific FML.

Well nobody writes FMLs about the good ones

Smash open a bottle of beer on his dumbass head and leave him passed out in a gutter. Or just dump him, that works too

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I like your first plan though.

well then the ' romantic night ' didn't happen..right op?

Yes it did! With road head on the way home!

Next time he wants you to go down on him bite his thing off

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Damn! That's a bit harsh, no?

Meh first thing that came to mind

If the first thing that comes to mind is a dick being bitten then you must have some interesting fantasies.

Better ask him that he only flirted to get a discount... right?

kinda gives him a ready made excuse no?

he shouldn't be flirting at all .