By Anonymous - 12/06/2015 05:35 - Australia - Rydalmere

Today, I was studying for a big test I have next Tuesday in my room. I heard a creak in my ceiling but assumed it was nothing as my house is old. Thirty seconds later something fell from my air vent directly onto my head. It was a giant cockroach. FML
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Am I the only one going "You heard a creak, then the giant cockroach landed on you? That's one heavy cockroach!"

nope nope nope nope nope nope


Better check if hear something next time

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Good first comment, really.

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Good 16th comment, really.

Cockroach just thought you needed a study buddy

Op I think you mean your house WAS old bc surely by now it's burned to the ground.

nope nope nope nope nope nope

I'm sorry, maybe get those vents checked out!

gaydragon 13

It decided to drop in for a visit i guess

Shadowvoid 33

I hate roaches, every time it rains they like to come into the garage. I have a dedicated flip flop to deal with the surge of roaches.

Are there any sprays you can get (like a Raid type product) that you can spray around your house? I know there's one for spiders. Maybe you could get one for roaches if you have to deal with them a lot? I couldn't imagine having roaches around (I've never actually seen one in person thank goodness), I'd scream like the little girl I am! :)

you've never seen a roach before? I envy your life. however, I do picture you living in a bubble now.

Now I have nightmares!

well to be fair........ it is Australia you're in

What's with Australia and spiders and roaches and bugs?? My brother went to Australia for college and he said there were roaches like there were ants in other places. They were everywhere outside and he even had them in his apartment. So gross! *shudder*

They say everything is bigger in Australia.

Bet you've never seen a Cockamouse either ;) A roach bit my friend once.. didn't even know they could do that! Aussy Aussy Aussy!!

Aww, he was only trying to help you study your entomology.

Am I the only one going "You heard a creak, then the giant cockroach landed on you? That's one heavy cockroach!"

Honestly you just made my day.

I pictured OP having a place like "Joe's Apartment." Probably 30 more roaches still hiding up there!

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I was thinking the same thing. Australia has giganto-roaches

Dude, he's in Australia, what do you expect. Our whole country is insane...

I was thinking the same thing.