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Today, as a priest's helper in church, I was giving Communion. It took me three people to realize that every time I was giving them the Eucharist, I was saying, "May the force be with you". FML
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olpally 32

That's freaking awesome! Strong with the force you are! Hahaha :)


olpally 32

That's freaking awesome! Strong with the force you are! Hahaha :)

I agree, there isn't much of a downside to this!

I mean it's not the religion of Christianity, so that might kinda make it worse.

43- I think that actually makes it better.

Apparently christianity is the only religion that exists. According to #43

I can just picture it.. "Jesus, I love you." "...I know."

#43 wasn't saying it was the only religion. He was saying that using phrases from another religion during a religious ceremony made it worse.

Little too much Star Wars last night, eh? HAHAHAHA jut kidding you can never have too much Star Wars.

Was about to say... Too much Star Wars? Them're fightin' words...

I suppose there could be a scenario of too much Star Wars. Namely if one were forced to watch every Jar Jar Binks scene on loop for a few hours on end.

Yes, Star Wars and bacon. Two things you can never overdose on :)

Lichinamo 33

66, we do not speak of such things here.

NiceGuysDoWin 21

Wrong religion you were referencing, yes.

You should start a church of your own, attendance would increase drastically!

There is an actual religion called the Jedi based off of Star Wars I believe. Obviously it's more of a mock religion, but real nonetheless.

Lct1196 31

I know this happens to the best of us, but how do you get "May the force be with you" from "the body/blood of Christ"?

The body of christ, may the lord be with you / may the force be with you???????

in my experience, it's usually "peace be with you"

My experience: Huhue, you're drinking alcohol on a Sunday, sinner!

that's great. hopefully they had a sense of humor.

How many people do you say that to outside of church when you give them things that you were saying it as if in habit?

cheshireau 26

Fear not young padawan, destined for the dark side you are not.

Join the dark side and we shall destroy the arrogant Jedi.