By chinatownhobo - 08/04/2013 06:12 - Australia - Canberra

Today, while at a hospital, a prayer group circled me and started praying that God and the good doctors and nurses would heal me from the disease that disfigured my face. I was there to visit my sick grandmother. FML
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iarefatal 9

Holy mother of God you can't be that ugly can you?

I'd already said FYL by the time I read "... a prayer group circled me,".


Talk about reading too much into a situation...

Surely they should've at least spoken to OP briefly before circling and praying?? That's exactly the type of religious people that annoy me because they feel the need to shove it in your face all the time.

^ It's like a penis, there is always someone that feels the need to shove it down someone elses throat..

monnanon 13

they encircled op! in other situations that is a display of dominant and aggressive behavior. the op could not escape and they were not asked to be part of tte prayer group. if they told op they were going to pray at church or at home for them i would see your point but not in this instance

It was very much shoving it down OP's throat, imagine if they circled you and started murmuring about your facial disfigurement. They're also being incredibly rude encircling OP in the first place and going on about it, I think have a religion and pray for someone, but quietly and don't get in their face. This is why I am almost ashamed to call myself a christian and be associated with these pricks.

I disagree. There's a huge difference between shoving religion down somebody's throat and doing something like my uncle did to my Atheist sister and buying her a Bible with a giant cross, and simply praying the way people always pray for people and circling around to show support like they did for OP. You guys are so pessimistic.

Spottedfeather 7

Is your head up your ass for the warmth ?

monnanon 13

they had him trapped or do you not get what circled means. if they had told op they were going to pray for him and for his recovery that would be the same as wishing good luck. i dont know about you but if i had a group of strangers around me praying i would find that at the very least worrying

maryiah 21

Why would you be ashamed of your own religion due to other people's actions?

#73 Hoping no-one will associate you with religious assholes is not the same as being ashamed by your own religion.

They made fools of themselves by not even asking OP, they just assumed he had an illness. Is people like that who piss me off, mind your own business and pray for some brains.

A prayer wishing someone the best is done with their permission, or at a distance. Encircling someone, for ANY reason, is considered a sign of aggression. A prayer circle is ordinarily only done with the permission of the person you're praying for, otherwise it turns into making them feel trapped and uncomfortable. The way the OP said it, it seems he was just walking through the hospital, and these people surrounded him to pray for him without asking his permission or even greeting him first. He doesn't know these people, and they surrounded him. It could have been worse, yes, but it's not completely harmless. I'm fairly certain some people have pressed charges against prayer groups that have done this sort of thing in the past....if you don't know someone, have never introduced yourself, and don't know why that person is here, it's probably for the best that you DON'T go and surround them, even if your intention is to pray for them.

#60, if i were the sister i would have burned the bible and sent him a video.

iarefatal 9

Holy mother of God you can't be that ugly can you?

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

Thank you for making this post that much funnier.

I'm sure you still have some kind of disease that is physically apparent though...just because you were there for someone else today doesn't mean you don't need healing yourself. Sorry if they made you uncomfortable, but I'm sure it was well intentioned. Not an fml.

Wizzlbang 10

Well, at least they give the doctors and nurses credit.

And God credit for all the doctors and nurses studied and how well they perform. :/

Because God made you in his form! Because apparently he purposely would go and make people...Er... "ugly". A rude way to put it.

CameliaRose 2

#83 In God's eyes everyone is beautiful. if you mean actions, then people make themselves ugly. Some people really need to stop blaming God for everything and start blaming themselves.

perdix 29

Is looking at your face what made your grandmother sick?

I swear some religious people just try and cause trouble with some of the things they go around saying!

oj101 33

Bless them. I hope your face isn't as ugly as sin OP.

I'd already said FYL by the time I read "... a prayer group circled me,".

Bet you they were just bored interns. Best of luck to your gran, though, OP.

I agree, it sounds like a stupid prank.

SharnaaaBanana 22

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How is praying for someone forcing their beliefs on them? Did they immediately tie her to a chair and beat her up until she became religious?

Quiet_one 22

#43, praying for someone doesn't usually mean forcing religion on them, but in this case it does because they circled him, which implies he couldn't get away from it and had no choice but to stand there until they finished. In other words, they forced him to take part in a religious act he never wanted. They should have asked him first (but all of this is just assuming it wasn't a prank, which it very well may have been).

I wonder if OP could have simple walked away...... Usually, when the term "force" is used, it means the person was physically restrained, or threatened to be physically restrained..... It does not sound like that to me. What it sounds like OP said was that a group from a local church was just going to the hospital to pray for random people, and they got something wrong. Or perhaps a friend of the OP was there and told the group that OP was involved in a facial accident. Cause that does sound like a prank a friend would pull. Stop reading into the post so much. No one was violated or forced.

SharnaaaBanana 22

Yes, exactly what 50 said. Sorry guys! My comment came out wrong from what I meant.