By s0728 - 01/09/2014 21:37 - United States - San Antonio

Today, I work at a bakery. As I was putting out some cakes with fruit on top of them, a customer asked me how we get the little hairs to stay on the raspberries, and if we glue them on. FML
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Please tell me you told him yes.

There's even a process that allows you to add hair extensions to the raspberries for a richer full bodied look.


Please tell me you told him yes.

JocelynKaulitz 28

But of course! It's common sense!

There's even a process that allows you to add hair extensions to the raspberries for a richer full bodied look.

Its a lot like glitter glue, but its called hairy glue

They do the same thing with the peaches.

who knew some people lile hair on their fruits

Op gets $5 per raspberry they make hairy.

That's not really an FML that's just one stupid question from a customer....

Classic Murica comment.

badluckalex 23

Contrary to your belief, stupidity is global.

#3 aussie, aussie, aussie!

Oh shut up all of you, country bashing does nothing. We're all friends here! 27, oi oi oi !!


Damn... You beat me to it!

Aussies wouldn't do that, Americans wouldn't, Aussies would chuck it on the barbie to get the hairs nice and crisp, then eat them. Americans would shoot the raspberry.

Grab the nearest baguette and whack him on the head with it.

Hey why did my #2 comment get erased?): that's very mean FML team. Very mean indeed.

Yes! We use eatable mini glue dots. -_-

Wow I totally ****** that one up! Haha thanks

No problem :P

i find it funny that #10 got 60 likes just for a correction

I find it funny that you've STILL. got NONE for trying to be a "like" *****. Jealous much?

It seems your jimmies have been rustled, 61.

You should have told the customer that the raspberries are the balls of a fruit monster.

Come on now, no need to get "teste".

dDailydDosage 8

You don't even know how true that statement is. Fruit and flowers are the reproductive organs of their plants :x

"Raspberries don't actually have hair on them. It's just my pubic hair. :)"

JMichael 25

That's just nasy..

Daniel589 7


But naked nasty or nah?

PerditaDessa 38

I'd have looked at him with a panicked expression and said, "Hairs? Oh no, not again!" as I ran into back. Sending someone else out to apologize and deal with him.

orbit 22

There need to be more people like you in the world

wow he's that stupid :O