By Anonymous - 08/06/2015 23:13 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, I went to the living room where my mother was so I could ask her about something. I found her lying pantsless on the couch trying to cut her pubic hair with a pair of scissors. FML
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amileah13 26

That image will be burned in your memory forever

You'll never look at her the same way now.


Much better than her asking you to help i'd say!

ColonelCusswords 24

honey start with the parts i cant see and well meet in the middle

You'll never look at her the same way now.

I'd never sit comfortably in my living room anymore.

Don't ask her about it ever. ***mind bleach needed**

If you use normal bleach that works too! You won't remember a thing.

91hayek 31

Why was she lying down? Wouldn't that be harder for her?

I guess that's what you call: cutting edge technology!

amileah13 26

That image will be burned in your memory forever

Sounds like a hairy situation.

I thought we were past this.

If not now then when? if not here then where?

If you're a guy then hard on you.

how is that different if OP is a girl??

Maybe it has something to do with girls already having a ******, who's had to trim down there themselves.

I don't think anyone of any gender would want to witness their mother trimming her pubic hair in the living room...

I think it was an erection pun

ColonelCusswords 24

Lets all get together and figure this out

Want to, no? But as same sex you see more of that parent naked growing up. So less traumatic. And as an adult, open showers after playing basketball at the gym or something. It happens. One needing help getting changed after a serious injury... Life isn't always convenient.

But helping someone to get changed while they're injured and showering at the gym are both very different to trimming your pubic hair in the family living room

Did she forget that you were home? :)

that's sounds like a pretty hairy situation don't you think!

Too easy, try again.