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By bubblensuds1 - 28/10/2009 04:22 - United States

Today, someone left a used condom under the windshield wiper of my car. I didn't notice it until I was driving. And it was raining. It was even tied, so the contents couldn't leak out. I'm not planning artificial insemination anytime soon, but thanks for the thought. Man, I love college. FML
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...And this, my dear children, is how transformers are born.

perdix 29

"I'm sorry, Your Honor, about the accident, but I didn't see the other car because I was blinded by the semen." He'll want to see you in camera.


stupiddumbblonde 0

I agree, how can you say YAY and then FML? it's just dumb.

What happens when she turns the window wipers on because it's raining? It splits the condom and all the semen is spread over her window.

I guess you would like a used condom flapping on your car then. Ofcousre it is an FML

teach09 0

How is this a FML? You don't seem very upset by it. It was tied so nothing came out. hmm...

procrastinatorrr 0

haha yeah, it was raining - windshield wipers plus untied condom could've got messy! would have been funny to see anyway

...And this, my dear children, is how transformers are born.

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#34 Wins for greatest comment, therefore, winning the thread... And one hell of an awesome Screen Name. Depeche Mode FTW. #34. FTW.

hahahahahahahaha!!!! tht made my life

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What is going on???? I can't see my comments!!!

Hmmm.. looks like this should be on lml. College days are the best! :D

That's nasty! But it's good that it sounds like you saw the funny side of it.

wrong site buddy, refer to aka MLIA