By cocacola999 - 05/10/2015 08:31 - United Kingdom

Today, several coworkers think the operation scar on my wrist is really a failed suicide attempt, because I study design and apparently, "Artists are suicidal, right?" FML
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Hi, OP here. Great to see this published! A follow-up to what many pointed out - they did not actually ask me directly. Instead, they asked one of my friends "What's with her scar?". She already knew me during the accident and operation, so she said that it was an operation scar. However, the others started asking "Are you sure? Maybe it's a cover-up?" etc. The operation was less than a year ago, so I hope the scar will fade in time. I don't really care about their opinion, nor do I think that there would be anything shameful about a suicide scar - I rather thought this kind of stupidity was at least good for an FML. Let them think however they like.

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That is an unfortunate location for a surgery scar though.

Yes because all artists are suicidal. FYL


Just let them know that you aren't suicidal or anything and it should work out, good luck OP

yeah hopefully they won't just think you're being "in denial"

That is an unfortunate location for a surgery scar though.

I have one on my wrist, too, pretty much exactly where one could cut if one wanted to commit suicide. It's from a skiing accident when I was 4 years old, but lots of insensitive people ask me straight out if I used to self harm and such.

My niece had broken her arm once and got an iron rod implanted for a few weeks. She has a scar like that too.

I have one on my wrist as well. I had to have a bone shortened, a pate added, and a blood vessel put in. thankfully, it's not on the underside of my arm but on top.

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Idk why but for some reason I find your profile picture goes well with your comment lol that's just me.

Lol to be fair though artists don't have the best track record when it comes to being tortured and a bit over the top

What exactly do you categorize over sexual as? I've been trying to figure that out. Unless you mean drawing nude pictures, but most artists don't really see it as sexual.

Artists are just sad because all their works won't be worth much until they are dead

Ha, don't listen to Freud. He sexualized everything. "Bad dream? Oh, you're probably homosexual"

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10- Freud's work was discredited a long time ago.

#10, Freud was discovered to be a fraud.

@10 Over sexualizing a lot of things is becoming a problem. A drawing of someone naked isn't sexual. If an artist draws a woman and her breasts are showing, it would be "sexual" to people when in reality it's really not. Breasts are just over sexualized. A lot of artists are just interested in a variety of things, whether it's the human body or nature or whatever

#38 That isn't true at all. He had theories on how the human brain developed and worked that are not widely accepted today. He was never discovered to be a fraud though.

If by "not widely accepted" you mean "were realized to be utterly incorrect and highly flawed," you are correct on that part. However, no pyschiatrist, psychologist, or sociologist of reasonable standing and validity considers Freud to have had any accurate ideas. The impact he made was from his efforts to study mental, emotional, personality, and developmental disorders. The results of those issues are sorely lacking at best, and catastrophically harmful at worst. So, saying Freud is a fraud is actually more accurate than considering him a reputable psychologist.

#49 that is better said than 38. Yes to clarify, I was not defending his practices, but there are those rare few who still practice Freudian psychology, so I felt calling him a fraud was a bit much.

Yikes. Sounds like stereotyping at it's best. Just try to calmly explain to them that, no, artists aren't suicidal. Maybe show some examples. Then if that doesn't work, tell them to kindly **** off.

That's pretty insensitive of them to even be asking about your scar like that. Way too personal for a work conversation.

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Some people are so judgemental. Don't worry, OP, it wasn't their business to point it out in the first place!

I could see how people would think that, especially because of the unfortunate location, but try to just tell them it's from an operation. Honestly, you shouldn't even have to explain yourself because in a perfect world people would just mind their own business

Your co workers are complete assholes, they should kill themselves.