By Anonymous - 15/11/2012 14:54 - United States - Erie

Today, my family was celebrating my grandma's 90th birthday. I pulled a little prank and got candles that keep relighting. After a few blows, my grandma fainted. FML
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Nightwing98 22

Just be thankful you didn't kill her!

You really blew it on that one, OP. Too swoon?


Nightwing98 22

Just be thankful you didn't kill her!

Everyone is like " you should have known better" it's not like op meant to make his grandma pass out. It's a harmless prank. But after a couple tries they should have told her

PleaseStayChill 9

Well it's not a real party until someone dies.

He's just trying to get to his inheritance money so he can afford more cruel pranks! Up next, the paper mâché cane for Christmas, and a prank life alert that makes fart noises... Too much?

Wiringify 22

1 - Who said she didn't die after that?

Better than jumping out of the birthday cake and giving her a heart attack...

Well this string of comments has gotten dark

therealafroninga 10

Yeah, I did the same thing. My great grandmas dead now.

It's all fun and games until grandma dies...

You sir, are ****** up. I think almost everyone will agree with me on that

Pretty sure you just omitted yourself from the will! Keep that up and she won't have a 91st birthday.

It would be unfortunate if she bit the dust before she could have a bite of the cake. Unless she fainted head first into it. That way, biting the cake could become a new euphemism.

All I got from this was: "After a few blows, my grandma fainted."

You really blew it on that one, OP. Too swoon?

flockz 19

i bet grandma wasn't very delighted.

But at least he's enlightened as to where the line is drawn. The next joke goes for should be a piece of cake.

15- how about we turn that annoying phrase into a pun? 1. Type out "I see what you did there" 2. Change I to Icing 3. ???? 4. Get likes!

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Why do people say the phrase, "I see what you did there", anyway? No shit you saw it, so did 2000 other people. I'd say that phrase is worse than, "That's so punny!". Yes, puns are funny and yes, you saw that he made a pun. Congratulations.

48- that correction was brilliant. Kudos my friend, kudos.

The urge to use this phrase is often driven by the hipster impulse to let the world know that they know about something. People who use this phrase usually think in the moment that they say it that everyone else is actually gonna care that they get it. In the end, no matter how you use this phrase, the truth of the matter is that no one really gives a shit about wether or not you understand a reference.

Grandpap said " she's fine, had that problem since she was 18!"

flockz 19

now you know why your grandpa was always slightly depressed.

unknown_user5566 26

Their love life must have waxed and waned quite often, since they were never able to ignite a spark in the bedroom.

honeybadgerr 9

#13 - I think you have started a trend... Every single commenter is attempting to outpun you.

It's alright because let's face it, there all hilarious!

OP: C'mon Gran, you can do it! Grandma: *musters her last breath* OP: BLOW THEM OUT! Grandma: *faints* OP: They're still lit, Gran...

Thats a FML for her actually.. Hopefully she's OK.

senor_awesome 14

Wow. She already has to blow out 90 candles and you pull that shit? You sir, have won the Grandson of the Year award. I certainly hope she makes it to the 91st birthday.

unknown_user5566 26

Geez, you're making it seem like OP is a terrible person for pulling what should've been a harmless prank. It's not like OP did it with the intention of making the grandma pass out.

They make candle that are in the shape of a "9" and a "0" so you sir fail.

Not everyone does those, my grandma had 76 candles on her cake....

Wow have to say that first time i am agreed with #30's comment lol & hope grandma took it as fun when she woke up and everyone laughs :)

If I make it to 90, I'm damn sure having 90 candles.

Spottedfeather 7

The OP IS a terrible person for pulling this supposed prank. Unless you think that giving relighting candles to someone that probably has massive trouble breathing just fine ? I suppose you'd be alright with dumping someone that couldn't swim into a pool ? You know...just as a prank ?

69- i don't know where you're getting your info from, but not all 90+ year olds have terrible breathing problems. Yes I know you said "probably", but the op would've known about said breathing problems.

69 - 101 is right. Also, sometimes you just don't think before you act. Admit it, you've done it more than once: done something before thinking twice about it, and suffering the consequences later. We all do it. This just happened to be one of those times for OP.

Spottedfeather 7

118 said---Admit it, you've done it more than once: done something before thinking twice about it, and suffering the consequences later. We all do it. This just happened to be one of those times for OP., I haven't. For this very reason. I don't want something stupid to happen, so I actually think before I do things. Morons who think they're better than everybody else are the ones that just do things without thinking it through.

128, so you've never made a mistake in your life? Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you broke your record with that previous comment.

Fusion_Fear 14

Was it really a good idea to prank someone who is 90 years old?

Someone is going to say it so I might as well get it out of the way. That blows. Literally.

Yes, pranking a nonagenarian is always a good idea. Next time try using your brain. If she makes it to 91.

You'd think a doc would want more patients. On a serious note use a whoopie cushion instead op.

I did put "on a serious note" to indicate the first line was a sarcastic remark.