A pot to piss in

By chamberpottime - 16/12/2015 08:58 - United Kingdom - Bristol

Today, my perfectly healthy grandmother came to stay for Christmas. First, she persuaded my family to give her my bedroom. That would have been fine, until she demanded she should also have a bucket to piss in under my bed too. FML
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colton_colton 49

Maybe does she have a bladder infection or a weak bladder? That or she's just lazy


Why would she even need a bucket? That's pretty illogical to me unless she can't walk very well. Good luck with that.

lazy asshole grandmother. I have one, she hates me but the family loves her more than me. they flew her across the country for a three day vacation, and said that buying me a cheap bike is "too expensive" they all have cars, I have to walk several miles to school. they bought her a car and she hasnt hat a license for two years!

Some oldies do this. It was called a chamber pot and they put it next to the bed

colton_colton 49

Shes probably mad because your husband just got back. Dont worry

Maybe does she have a bladder infection or a weak bladder? That or she's just lazy

Probably just lazy since I assume the OP included 'perfectly healthy' for a reason.

Likely a bad/lazy habit that carried over from being infirm. she probably had to recover from something and had a bed pan or something and now she's too lazy to get up and use the toilet.

youngmessi252525 20

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SuperMew 22

I am sorry, but if someone was using my bedroom it is not going to be someone with a bladder problem.

Well if she needs a bucket to piss in, you should suggest it's time for the rest home.

She doesn't sound perfectly healthy, mentally.

moocowmilk0 19

Dammit! I opened the fml hoping to comment this thinking I was being original...