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Today, I was overseeing a nativity play rehearsal. Things went fairly well, until a boy's grandma stormed in, ranting that Christmas is a "Pagan abomination", and shouting for him and his mom to leave with her. Half the kids were left in tears, and we had to cancel the rehearsal. FML
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Don't you ******* hate those religious freaks? I sure do. It's ok to have a religion and be proud of it but you shouldn't go around shoving it down people's throats. -___-

Well technically she's right. How do you think early Christians got all those converts? Io Saturnalia, everyone!


Well technically she's right. How do you think early Christians got all those converts? Io Saturnalia, everyone!

she is right, but I think everyone needs to stop giving a **** what other people believe in. don't like the play? DON'T ******* GO! Let the kids mother raise the boy she wants, not the grandmothers way. she had her turn already, the mom needs to tell the grandma to step off imho

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Even if she believes that she is a grandma and not the parent - she should back the **** off

I hope everyone notices OP's name. brilliant. xD

#16 Everyone should raise his kids openminded and not start indoctrinating them with some sort of faith when they are too young to question what they hear.

Same thought I was having. The general day, the decorations, even the XMas tree were borrowed from other religions to make the transition to Christiantiy easier. Even Halloween started off as a Christian hijacking of Day of the Dead celebrations

The Early Christians did love to hijack Pagan traditions for their own purposes to get people to convert. But that doesn't give the grandmother the right to barge in during practice and cause the kids to go home early because of her belligerence.

I never said what the grandmother did was okay, just that technically she's right. :)

While I agree that kids should be raised open minded (I have different beliefs than everyone else in my home), it is still a parents right to raise a kid with certain beliefs. It sucks, but they do have the right to teach there kids that should pee in the shower if they so choose.

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Saturnalia was moved. It's now Mardi Gras. And it was Catholics, not Christians.(Don't even try to say that they're the same thing)

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Don't you ******* hate those religious freaks? I sure do. It's ok to have a religion and be proud of it but you shouldn't go around shoving it down people's throats. -___-

Well, Christmas IS taken from the pagan celebration of the winter solstice, or "Yule". So in a sense she was right :P

Even if she was, she didn't have to act like that and ruin the kids' fun!

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And it's not even like they try to hide it, for example: the exact word "yule" is in at least one common Christmas carol It's like somebody taking a book of the federalist papers and writing "by _____" under the title, then turning it in for a grade to their teacher and receiving a nobel prize for it (to exaggerate, point stands though)

Gosh. Isn't Christmas a Christian holiday even? Nothing Pagan about it

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It -was- Pagan. Long ago, it was taken and turned into a christian holiday to get more people to convert. Hell, the bible even states not to put up Xmas trees (Jeremiah 10:1-6.) It's technically not something they should be celebrating.

That is a misinterpretation of that verse. Back then it was common for people to carve a god idol out of wood and decorate with precious metals, then worship it. That's what that verse is referring to. According to Jeremiah, God doesn't care if you decorate a tree, so long add you don't worship it. I've never heard of anyone worshipping a Christmas tree... Unless you count that "Christmas Tree" song.

I'd also like to add that that interpretation is particularly stupid, since Christmas trees weren't around until long after the Bible was written.

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Christians got the idea of Christmas from the pagans. All they did was change the title from Yule to Christmas and make it one day instead of three. You're an idiot.

Actually, 32, it still is three days; Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. :3

well christians werent looking to celebrate the winter solstace like pagans, but the birth of their savior so they didnt really get the idea from the pagans, they just got the date from pretty much every other religion around in the time because most actually have some sort of holiday on the 25. whether it be minor or major. it was used as a way to get people to more easily convert but it was more so a way to escape persecution. christians were killed and this way they could celebrate and everyone would assume it was due to the pagan holiday, not the christian one, yada yada yada.

And the Pagans got the idea from the Romans, they just removed the 'human sacrifice' aspect.

Actually, Yule is the celebration of the rebirth of the pagan god. Christians just moved the birth of "Jesus" to coincide with the traditional rebirth celebrations.


lol the last one especially gets EVERYONE into the Christmas spirit...

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Jesus wasn't born on christmas regardless of if its a christian or pagan holiday.

And that's how the Grinch stole the play.

Which I now realize has been said. Bah. Well, everybody, have fun with your topsy turvy orgies and drinking!

Damn that old hag needs a hug. Just because she doesn't believe in it, doesn't mean she has to ruin little kids fun.

Dont all hags need hugs? Unless they try to disintegrate you...

Hmm ya good point, then you just throw water on that bitch and watch her melt.

Christmas takes place on the original date for the winter solstice so technically she is right. It would be better if there were no plays that people would take offense to, just because of batshit insane people who are too sensitive. The kids don't deserve to feel that upset. I hope everyone cheers up.;3

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It would be a good time to change gears and switch to a Festivus Pageant, with the aluminum pole, the Airing of Grievances, and the Feats of Strength.

Even though she is right, there is no reason for her to be such a bitch