By Anonymous - United States
Today, marks the two weeks since my paycheck should have arrived. During these two weeks, my battery has failed, tire has blown, and my phone and water bill have become past due. When I called the guy who's supposed to pay me, he said he has a note about it "somewhere on my desk". FML
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  farhil  |  14

Threaten to sue your company. Don't actually follow through, because that would mean that you will never get a job anywhere again in your life, but neither would he... So just the threat should work...

  skoob  |  4

"human recourses, how may I help you?"
"uh, yeah- i haven't received my paycheck yet. It's two weeks overdue"
" yes, please hold..... *buzzzz*"

  Justforlolz  |  14

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