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Today, I got the worst sunburn I've ever had in my life, and then discovered I'm allergic to aloe when I went to treat the burn with some gel. FML
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we have this thing called sunscreen, you prob should've used some!!

I didn't read that. Too long


we have this thing called sunscreen, you prob should've used some!!

try using lemon juice. it helps!

doesn't mustard help with sunburns too?? or is that just burns from fire that it helps get rid of??

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I heard semen helps it also. oh wait that was zits. still bukake bath that shit

just use a mixture of ketchup and baking soda. works like a charm everytime

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dude i feel so bad for op fyl indeed

well, I guess we know why itsgen doesn't have zits...

itsgen 16

what the hell?

try ped egg worked for me

In a week call the creepy dead skin peeling lady to help you

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WTF?!!?! i have sunburn for the first time of my life O.o

apply vinegar to it with some paper towels they day you get it. You will still be red some but it wont sting at all the next day. This is serious by the way and works.

well... at least she learned a lesson

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the real FML is u can't beat it with that

Apply bacon grease to affected areas and rub off with sand paper. Works like a charm

98, there is a compound in natural Aloe that a small percentage of the population is allergic to. One of the skin care lines I use at work isolated and removed that compound in their aloe gel so it is hypo allergenic and can be used by people allergic to aloe.

And that's what happens when you let your GF borrow your Phone for the day -.- Sorry Gen. Forgive meh? :D.

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yur not the only one -.- people call mi tomato girl

I can see that by looking at your picture....

People call mi potato man

I call you dumbass who didn't use sunscreen

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ouch! I'm so sorry! lol

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ur only 14 && posting pics showing ur underwear... smh

122, are you talking about yourself..?

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no I'm a grown ass women.

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don't call her a dumbass cuz I have put sunscreen on houurly befor and I still got the worst sunburn in my life before

Sucks for you, wear sunscreen next time.

You'd know allll about lotioning up, huh?

Yep. Want some lessons?

I don't need it when I can get the real thing.

DCFan 9

^^^ YOU sir.... are a douchebag.

So you're a girl.. And you can "get the real thing" meaning you can get pussy? That's either hot or disgusting.

I just meant sex in general, bud. I'm straight for the record. And wow that's just.. *shakes head in disgust*

Says the guy obsessed with greasy, fattening foods

have you ever heard of sunscreen?

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Allergic to Aloe?

I am too :( just gotta be careful!

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You can use vinegar. White vinegar is best. apply to sunburns several times a day, I know it sounds weird but it really works, and the smell goes away after a few minutes. Source: old lifeguard trick

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vinegar works on jellyfish stings too. source: experience haha

I know right? Well OP, scramble raw eggs (or egg whites — assuming you're not allergic to those too), and spread it over your sunburn; instant relief. By the next day, you should be alright.

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also hornet and wasp stings! I tested that the other day after being attacked by a swarm of hornets, followed the next day by several wasps. turns out vibrations from nearby construction really sets them off.

There are plenty of other things you can put on sunburn besides aloe. Sucks though.. aloe feels the best.

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be prepared to change your sheets alot. ... that's gonna be alot of dead skin.

That is disgusting... True, but disgusting. Thanks for the mental image... Now I have to debate where I'm going to sleep tonight. I just imagined my skin falling off and piling up. I wash my sheets once a week... Thanks... O.O

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quit your whining. as long as you didn't get a sunburn any time in the past week, you've got nothing to worry about. and it really wasn't that disgusting. thanks... O.O

WHY did you not use sunscreen???

Beach? Hopefully you had a good time to make up for the bad(:

the beach isn't the only place with sun

But most people get sunburnt at the beach, and it's summer. -.-