By ldrik1 - 11/06/2014 20:36 - United States - Syracuse

Today, my psycho neighbor finished building a cannon. An honest-to-god, on-wheels, could-be-on-a-pirate-ship cannon. And now he's testing it in the forest by my house. I'm pretty scared for my life, to be honest. FML
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damnit1989 16

Well that blows

Well at least you know where to go when the zombie apocalypse begins.


damnit1989 16

Well that blows

damnit1989 16

Down vote this dammit. I wanna set a record for down votes!!!! *evil laughter commences* I think it's time for bed..... I'm getting a little loopy.

Do you mean "yarrr, tharrr she blows?"

Lebeaugars95 20

like a good neighbor, state farm is there... with a cannon

incoherentrmblr 21

Is your neighbor the Sea Captain on the Simpsons?...

Well at least you know where to go when the zombie apocalypse begins.

As far away from the loud, exploding noise drawing attention to itself from miles around and can't defend itself properly?

#22 You sir, You will survive.

RenoTheRhino 30

Yes. This truly is the best FML ever.

The guy has a freaking cannon! What makes you think he doesn't have an arsenal of other weapons at his disposal.

PresidentNorth 16

the fact a taco is trying to forewarn us, only increase my skepticism...

But it poops ice cream!!!

taco you can come with long as we split when things get hairy, you go one direction, I go the other. ;-)

Sounds like a good neighbor, he's just watching out for you;)

Where did it mention that he built it for neighborhood protection? For all we know, he could be planning to raid and pillage the entire block!

or he could be waiting for The Purge.

schhichick 14

Or it could be Johnny Depp

That's pretty badass, to be honest.

yes, that neighbor is not psycho - he's awesome!

I would so be helping him reload and having the time of my life...

Time to raid his TH for his elixir and trophies!

Might wanna use air troops for that

Love the Clash of Clans reference

Wall breakers might help too.

Don't make him angry. He'll blow your house up

Ask him to make you one as well. You can have canon wars together.

That does not sound like it would end well.

Time to bake lots of goodies and offer to mow their lawn... Ya know, "just because"

Nominate him for the head of the neighborhood watch

Talk him into protecting the neighborhood with that. No one would want to cause trouble then.